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2010-06-11 05:16 pm


[A camera clicks on, and the first thing you see is an EXTREME CLOSE UP of Prefects face. It's still blotched with dark purple from the bruises Sylar gave him, but he seems to have forgotten all about them. He grins.]

Comrades! Consumers! Allow me to present the absolute cutting edge of-- of-- [of things he just found rummaging drunkenly through his boxes] Of the avaunt-garde. [The cutting edge of the avaunt-garde! You know this is gonna be good! Prefect fumbles with something off camera, and it becomes apparent that not for the first time, he's video posting in his underwear. Shifting back away from the screen, he produces...this thing!]

Aesthetically pleasing, definitively modern, and... [He fiddles with it a bit, and suddenly it lights up] Oh! And functional! Comrades, can you even imagine having to spend the duration of your lives without this essential design masterpiece to invigorate your lives and elevate the appearance of your homes? [Prefect notices something then, and seems to lose interest in the camera for a moment while he investigates it. Prefect pokes at part of the thing, frowning] Sticky? Why is it... sticky? [Then he remembers that the Camera is still rolling and grins again] I'll tell you why! Because that's the texture of freshness!

[Prefect looks terribly pleased with himself. Then he hiccough's, then he gently lolls to the side, as though his intoxication has somehow encourage him to surrender the battle against gravity.]
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2010-04-21 02:46 pm


Comrades! Consumers! Let us never be disheartened by recent traumas and let us remember that this kind of thing happens all the time here. We lose our identities, and we turn on each other, and we forget who we are, and we vanish into the aether and we... we continue, Comrades. We persist.

I've started to think that when the floods aren't too traumatic, and when we don't fall overboard into ports that want to kill us, and when people aren't trying to kill one another quite so enthusiastically, and when the vampires aren't starving and when there are no bears around...


I don't think I hate it here anymore.

Sometimes... sometimes, someone'll say something, or do something, or ask me to do something, and... I'll know that it's wrong. I'll know that there's a regulation against it somewhere, but... I don't remember what it is anymore. I don't remember why I can't do it anymore. I still miss my home. I miss the Factory, but sometimes I don't-- I don't remember what it is I miss about it. The details are fuzzy, I can't pick them out as well anymore.

It scares me, Comrades, but this place is starting to feel like my home.

[Filtered away from people who he knows won't want him to have alcohol]

There is very little I wouldn't do for something to drink, right now.

Private to self

Message Number 100, issued. It seems like such a small number, when I've been here so long.
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2009-10-20 02:19 am
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84 - A new challenge arises! Video

[Prefect is extremely close to the camera when it switches on, like, check out this guys out of focus eyebrows close. He rocks back ever so slightly, until enough of his face is visible that it's possibly to identify him as being apparently somewhat perplexed]

Comrades, I find myself-- My livelihood and rights to happiness and freedom and the glorious glories of the bountiful universe, that is to say, they are hindered, Brothers. Sisters. I find myslef--I can't find...

[Trailing off he turns to peer behind him, leaning around so far that he begins to tumble backwards, righting himself just in time to disrupt the placement of the camera and giving you all a nice shot of what he's wearing. That is to say, a gigantic Dr Who scarf, and white boxer shorts. A minute later, the camera is pointed back at his face.]

What I mean to say is, that through some outrageous abuse of regulations and uniform, My shoes are gone.

[He lifts a foot up to the camera to display this fact, wiggling his toes in objection to this fact, before managing to look genuinely distressed by this loss.]

Comrades, I don't have that many spare shoes! If anyone sees them then it is of the utmost importance that you contact your... your..

[Standing on one leg is hard. Prefect manages to flail one arm out as he begins to lose his balance and goes crashing down to the floor.

He's pretty drunk right now.]
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2009-10-03 10:01 pm

Locked from Wardens

She's gone. She's not here, we're alone again

Comrades, I really, really, really need a drink. My supplies have been... confiscated for the time being. If anyone owes me an unpaid favor and has anything alcoholic then now would be the time to write off your debt in this way, alternatively, if anyone has anything alcoholic and is interested in a trade then my other supplies remain meticulously stocked.

Please, I really--

I need too--
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2009-08-31 04:10 pm

72 - So. Damn. Effected.

Sam? Comrade?

I was just wondering if you could come and finish off some paperwork for me in re: "Your recent requisition of the Factory's stock."

I just need a few signatures, and I wouldn't want to waste your time, but it is important to me. To our files.

[Private to Harvey]

Comrade! Guess what!
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2009-08-04 06:15 pm


Comrades, Consumers! I think probably maybe we're actually going to be O.K. because Kirk is really nothing at all like the Master OR Major West, and he's not taken any hostages or pretended to be the Admiral or set up any death traps and even though he's not really a very nice person sometimes and he's pushy and doesnt seem to understand that hitting someone in the arm isnt very good behavior for friends but hes actually O.K. and not so bad and he gave us all fizzy champagne Perfect for any barbecue, wedding or other social event which would be the constant envy of your friends and neibors AND he doesnt sound drunk.

PLUS the Admiral isnt very good anyway so i dont mind him not driving the ship for a bit.
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2008-11-20 11:29 pm

21 - Guess who's hung-over!

I feel sick.

Brothers and sisters. The Factory would like to apologize for the drastic lapse in service during our last public information announcement, our representative was not authorized to participate in any of the contact which he indulged in, and The Factory would like to encourage anyone who would like to lodge a complaint about their treatment during this unfortunate lapse in our standards to please submit it to your nearest Factory public relations representative so that it can be considered, and an apology letter will be drafted to you.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Mr Dent? If you'd like to bring that material round then I can start work on your suit.

[Private to Claire]

Sister, I've completed your scarf!
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2008-11-08 11:12 pm
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Action D:

[Prefect is walking with purpose. Slightly drunken, completely uncertain purpose, but purpose none the less. This really is all completely new to him, but the feeling of slight guilt from the first time he discovered he actually liked Ralphs company has been growing, to the point where he just wants to get it off his chest already.

He never really thought very hard about doing the right thing before, even now he can only think this through in terms of a deal. He gave Ralph something that the other inmate didn't want, and so far? He hasn't been payed back for it.

Finally he reaches Ralph's room, and, steeling himself against hesitation, he knocks on it.]
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2008-09-21 05:19 pm
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009 - Post flood.

Comrades, I see some of you are loitering in the throws of regret over the last week, so, as it appears we have all either shamed, outed, insulted, rediscovered, disgusted and impressed ourselves and one another, may I suggest as public service:

Alcohol. Together

Before you all remember just how much you really hate each other.


Thank god for Factory recruitment vans. To think who I might have grown into...