Oct. 20th, 2009

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[Prefect is extremely close to the camera when it switches on, like, check out this guys out of focus eyebrows close. He rocks back ever so slightly, until enough of his face is visible that it's possibly to identify him as being apparently somewhat perplexed]

Comrades, I find myself-- My livelihood and rights to happiness and freedom and the glorious glories of the bountiful universe, that is to say, they are hindered, Brothers. Sisters. I find myslef--I can't find...

[Trailing off he turns to peer behind him, leaning around so far that he begins to tumble backwards, righting himself just in time to disrupt the placement of the camera and giving you all a nice shot of what he's wearing. That is to say, a gigantic Dr Who scarf, and white boxer shorts. A minute later, the camera is pointed back at his face.]

What I mean to say is, that through some outrageous abuse of regulations and uniform, My shoes are gone.

[He lifts a foot up to the camera to display this fact, wiggling his toes in objection to this fact, before managing to look genuinely distressed by this loss.]

Comrades, I don't have that many spare shoes! If anyone sees them then it is of the utmost importance that you contact your... your..

[Standing on one leg is hard. Prefect manages to flail one arm out as he begins to lose his balance and goes crashing down to the floor.

He's pretty drunk right now.]


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