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What would you do if your inmate vanished tomorrow?

[This comes pretty much out of the blue, after a LONG PERIOD OF RADIO SILENCE from Prefect. Yep, truth flood forced him out.]

Last time Barron was in a coma, I just... I thought if I behaved as if he was definitely going to wake up then he definitely would. This time-- It's been months, and I don't know why I'm even here if I can't help him. If I can't help him, if after everything we've done, he just vanishes now, then every second I've spent here has been worthless. Because really, one person turning from bad to good at the end of their life doesn't actually bring any objective improvement to the universe. I'm already dead. I've already done my damage.

If I don't help someone to graduate, then I don't earn my deal with the Admiral, and I can't change anything. [There's a long intake of breath, then he lets it out.] But if he disappears-- Comrades, I can't even imagine being able to care this much about anyone else again. I'm a graduate, so I have the choice to ask the Admiral to send me anywhere in the universe to start over. Right now... I'm afraid that Barron is going to disappear, and all I can think to do when he's gone is ask the Admiral to send me after him. Wherever that takes me.
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The corridors seem quieter than usual...

[Pause, and for a moment Prefect looks a little distressed, before his expression turns flat and unimpressed.]

I thought that meant that I'd have to end up running into fewer people under the mistletoe this year, because of the physics, but that is not how it's working at all.


How is that happening? I mean, Kirk's not even here, and he must have made up at least a third of all the kissing in previous years...
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I mean, post-graduate Comrades... or... long term resident institutionalized Comrades, or really just anyone who thinks this makes sense to them. Do you ever feel like... I mean, did anyone else start out disliking it here and thinking that it was entirely wrong, then eventually came around to thinking that even though they weren't happy here, maybe what was happening and what the wardens were doing was something that needed to happen, and then eventually, if you started to think that it was entirely right, what was happening here, did thinking that you were doing the right thing by being here make you begin to like it?

[That probably didn't make sense, did it? Let's try again.]

I mean, what I meant to say was that... [Fffff, let's try for some context on why he's worrying here:]

Back home in the Factory I didn't really have friends. Or books, or alcohol, or hobbies, or free will. And I didn't technically get paid for my work, and everything I did was evil, but I was happy and I felt fulfilled because I believed that what I was doing was right. So, I guess what I'm saying, Comrades, is that it has come to my attention that I have a tendency to look for validation through my work and that I'm afraid I might have accidentally slipped into being blindly subservient to the Admiral because that is exactly the kind of thing that I could imagine myself doing.

I mean, it could be that I actually like it here and that I really do think that being a warden is a good thing, I'm not sure how you're supposed to tell the difference in these circumstances, Comrades.

[Private to O'Brien]

Comrade, did you know you can put alcohol in coffee?


Feb. 7th, 2011 10:38 pm
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[Video clicks on at an odd angle, it's pointed upwards and is recording from the floor, where it's just been dropped. Prefect is leaning heavily against a wall, staring into space blankly. His eyes are slightly glazed, and as he lowers himself to run his hand across the floor, searching for the dropped journal, he doesn't bother to look down at it.

His hand finally brushes against the journal, and after a couple of minutes fumbling, the screen is covered by his palm. The video lurches as Prefect finally picks up the journal, and there's a brief shot of his palm running across the wall of his cabin, searching for the door handle out of his room.

Finally, the door opens, and the camera points down, just transmitting a shot of the floor as Prefect moves very, very carefully across the corridor. The shot of the floor stops, and changes direction as Prefect tries to navigate his way to the infirmary.]

[ooc: Prefect's power is seeing Auras. And nothing else. So basically, he can see GLOWING SHAPES OF LIGHT when people are in front of him, but other than that? ALL IS DARK, so he doesn't know that the journal has switched on at all. Feel free to yell at him through the journal, or spam at him in the corridor!]
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[Video clicks on, and OH MY GOODNESS! It's Prefect! Hi Prefect! And he looks... well, he looks like he just got out of the shower. His hair is tousled, and hanging loosely across his forehead, and his shirt is damp enough that it's plastered down to his chest like a second skin. It'd be kinda sexy if he didn't look so completely and utterly miserable about the whole affair.

He's leaning against a door, and the room he's in seems cramped and a little dark, and once the light from the journal illuminates the area around him, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of a broom handle just about invading the shot. He gives the most frustrated sigh ever.]

Comrades, this flood is not romantic, it's terrible, and it's confusing, and this is the third time it's locked me in a closet! [He lets out an irritated sigh, and gives the door behind him an unhappy shove.]

The Barge is always like this. I don't know how people can be so... so comfortable with it. So settled. I don't know how I got so settled with it.

[Then he pauses, his mind obviously wandering.]

The Borg Queen was always calm, back when she was here. Always. It was just as though, everything was temporary for her. All the things she didn't like here didn't really matter, because she knew that they wouldn't be forever.

[Stares into space dreamily]

I wonder where she is now...

[PREFECT HAS AWFUL TASTE IN THE PEOPLE WHO HE FANCIES. If anyone feels any burning desire to help him out of the closet, deliberately or accidentally, feel free to SPAM!]
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Comrades, I realise I'm not the first one to make this observation, but since apparently our journals have just opened up to a lot more people, does anybody know... I mean, has anyone spoken to anybody they knew once? Or... any gradua--

[Prefects writing suddenly changes dramatically, or, to be more specific, it stops abruptly, as someone else's handwriting starts across his page. The handwriting in question is somewhat wobbly, as though the person creating it can't see what they're doing, but formatically it's quite elegant, none the less.]

I invoke and move thee, O thou spirits in the present place, and being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I say unto thee, Obey! In the name of Beralanesis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia, and Apologiae Sedes and of the mighty ones who govern spirits! Liachidae and ministers of the house of death and Chief prince of the seat of Apologiae in the Ninth Legion! I do invoke thee, and by invoking thee conjurt thee! And being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I say unto thee, Obey! And Attend upon me!

I am he formed in the shape of the Christian god, forged in the mind of all heathen histories and knowledges mysterious, And being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I compel thee to obey! I compel thee to arise before me!

[There's a brief pause, before the following is added]

Why does it never work? Stupid, stupid Crowley and his stupid incantations I only changed it a little, in places, there is no reason at all why it shouldn't work!

[Underneath this, in small letters, Prefect has responded:]

But I'm not a spirit...

[ooc: Sorry for spamming Prefect a bit, It's all a plan to coax out the lolbear :c]


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