Sep. 20th, 2012

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[Video clicks on, and Prefect's sitting cheerfully in a pleasant but understated office with a typewriter set neatly in front of him.]

Everybody's so doom and gloom nowardays. Hellfire and damnation and all kinds of intemperance and ungodliness in our streets! They'd have you thinking you were living in Chicago or New York for what they say the crime rate is around here.

[He tuts, and shakes his head]

You know, I don't want to be the dissident voice against our brave boys in blue, but there is such a thing as hyper vigilance, you know? [A pleasant laugh] No, I'll tell ya, I've seen Chicago, and I've seen New York, and Redemption is okay. Couple of rough necks here and there, but we've got a good clean police force, a strong church, and all kinds of charity in our streets. There ain't no foothold for gangsters in a community of honest, upstanding, and righteous people like those who live here are.

[He claps his hands together, and, message of goodwill imparted, reaches forward to switch the communicator...]

...On to a broad filter for his gang members )

[Wildcard open spam?]

[Prefect is a busy man with a finger in every pie in this town! Do you want to run into him in your speakeasy? In the street? In a secret underground poker game? In his office even? He can be found pretty much wherever it's convenient for him to be, so spam at will.]


[Prefect Fattoria is a first generation Italian American, and the head of a young criminal gang! He's raised himself a bit of a reputation, recruited Ladd Russo as his right hand man and head enforcer, and is currently waging war on the most established and respected criminal mastermind in Redemption, The Mind!

If you play a criminal/speakeasy owner/etc, then feel free to either assume that you work for him, that you've been targeted by him, or that you're on the list of people YET to be targeted by him. If you play a fed or a cop, feel free to know that he's KIND OF SHADY but that you can't prove it. If you want your character to get murdered this breach... well... Ladd is his right hand man, so lol we are probably your guys for that.]


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