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[Prefect didn't leave a particularly wide opening between finding out about Cassel's graduation, and going to hunt down Barron. He exchanged a few messages with the Transformation Worker, then set off to find his own inmate.

He made a bee line for Barron's room, and rapped on the door carefully. Unsure if Barron would be upset or happy at whatever passed between himself and Cassel, Prefect lingered in the corridor, probably concerned to a point that wasn't entirely due.]
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[Prefect blinks, takes a deep breath, and says directly:]

Comrades, I'm leaving.

The CES, the pub, the pool... When I first arrived, these things weren't here. There was a staff of strange employees without faces, who cooked the food, and cleaned the facilities. If you acted out, you didn't go to level zero. Instead, your warden took away your door.

I've seen doors vanishing over the last few weeks, and It just makes me think...

[Prefect lifts a hand, to rub at his eyes. He's frowning, expression concentrated and unhappy. Behind him, Barron is only just in shot. He's sitting on the edge of Prefect's bed, writing something on his forearm in sharpie.]

Among other things, It took a huge act of violence, to make the Barge change as much as it has. It took corruption and abuse from the wardens to make the Admiral decide to make this place the way it should be. I wish I could believe, with the same conviction that the rest of you seem have, that it isn't him doing this.

[He drops his hand down, and written across the back of his wrist are the words: "THESE ARE THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE:" The beginning of the first name peeks out above the cuff of his shirt sleeve, before vanishing down his arm.]

But I can't help myself from thinking that he's just changed his mind. Maybe he just doesn't think we're organized or angry enough anymore to stop him, and maybe he's right.

[Prefect touches two fingers to his heart, lightly. ] That's the problem with showing the people the light though. Brothers, Sisters, it's blinding. And once you know-- once you understand for the first time in your life that might does not make right, when you see someone act like it does again... You can't just fall into line and accept the new regime. I can't just accept this.

I know that doing the right thing, the really right thing, would be to stay, and maybe to fight. To get us organized again, if that's what it takes. To fight him, if we have too. But I know there are people here who can do that. I know that you can do that, Arthas. I'm just sorry that I'm not staying to help you, Comrade. [He takes a deep breath, and he shudders. There's more writing on his other hand. "YOUR NAME IS--"]

But he deserves a second chance. He deserves better than this.

[Prefect takes a deep breath, and stands up, grabbing what looks like it might be a set of handcuffs from the desk.]

And I guess-- the last thing that the Barge has taught me? Is that the universe is huge, and connected, and that godlike powers and inter-dimensional travel all exist, and that people who've spanned galaxies and lived for millenia still end up finding each other again, in the end. [Pause] So maybe I'll see you again, Admiral.

[And with a quick flick, Prefect snaps one half of the handcuffs around his wrist, and steps out of sight. Barron up after him, then shifts up off the bed. It's more apparent now that his arms are literally covered in writing, and he lifts a hand to give the camera a quick wave goodbye. He smiles, then follows Prefect off screen.

There's the audible click, of the second cuff closing. Then the feed ends.

ooc: Prefect and Barron just jumped the fuck out a window, they'll be back in the next port!]
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I... I don't feel that the Barge is a suitable venue for your rehabilitation any longer, and I think we should possibly start thinking about alternative options.

If there is a safe way to leave the barge as an inmate, then I don't know what it is, but... still, we need to talk.
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Comrades, I'm concerned about the deterioration of the conditions in zero. Having seen some of the outcoming transmissions from inmates [Thank you Sandoval...], I don't feel that we can accept it as a safe or correct way of restraining anyone at the moment, and I'd like to suggest that the current occupants are relocated under guard.

[There's a short pause, then he frowns,]

Ah, am I correct in assuming that they're all basically different varieties of homicidal teenagers at the moment? Would any wardens be willing to contribute their time or their resources to temporarily guarding them elsewhere? Until either their time is served, or the Barge... escalates to a point where we need to occupy ourselves in some other way?

[Because let's be real, Comrades, it's going to get worse before it gets better...]
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What would you do if your inmate vanished tomorrow?

[This comes pretty much out of the blue, after a LONG PERIOD OF RADIO SILENCE from Prefect. Yep, truth flood forced him out.]

Last time Barron was in a coma, I just... I thought if I behaved as if he was definitely going to wake up then he definitely would. This time-- It's been months, and I don't know why I'm even here if I can't help him. If I can't help him, if after everything we've done, he just vanishes now, then every second I've spent here has been worthless. Because really, one person turning from bad to good at the end of their life doesn't actually bring any objective improvement to the universe. I'm already dead. I've already done my damage.

If I don't help someone to graduate, then I don't earn my deal with the Admiral, and I can't change anything. [There's a long intake of breath, then he lets it out.] But if he disappears-- Comrades, I can't even imagine being able to care this much about anyone else again. I'm a graduate, so I have the choice to ask the Admiral to send me anywhere in the universe to start over. Right now... I'm afraid that Barron is going to disappear, and all I can think to do when he's gone is ask the Admiral to send me after him. Wherever that takes me.
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Comrades! Con-- Ah, Friends!

[Video clicks on, and lo, it is Prefect! He's squared the camera up neatly, and is sitting at his desk. His clothes are comfortable businesswear, and he's... pretty evidently about to do some serious business talk at you]

I have been thinking about ways by which we could potentially improve the general understanding of concerns and needs within pairings and on board the barge! As we know, wardens here receive no specific training or direction in terms of how to assist their inmates, and while this has allowed each inmate to have their own individual needs catered too, it has also resulted in wardens often being ill equipped to respond to the needs of their inmates, or unable to identify common mistakes or problems which are effecting their inmates!

[He's slowly becoming a little more gestural and excited as he speaks, and there's a kind of forceful earnestness in what he's saying.]

These errors are not made out of malice, but none the less their impact on inmates can hamper, or even reverse the personal progress and improvement for which we are striving here, and I believe that they can be drastically reduced with a more organized approach to the sharing of common problems, experiences, and expertise! [The gestures are getting bigger, slightly more jerk-y and rhythmic, and his enthusiasm is just still GROWING.]

Please find attached a short anonymous survey requesting insight into people's experiences and opinions on their progress here, and their perceptions of the mechanics of the Barge. I mean to collect, collate, and publish the responses, in an attempt to identify regularly occurring problems and trends within the Barge's population, so that I can compile them into a document to assist newly arriving wardens and inmates. Perhaps we will eventually be able to develop an effective induction to those working here, for the benefit of all!

So Comrades! Brothers and Sisters! [He's getting downright bombastic at this point.] Please reject the hypothesis that struggling wardens are lacking in commitment or in the desire to help their inmates! Reject the idea that inmates who do not improve on the barge are deliberately resisting progress! We live within a flawed system which we have a duty to endeavor to improve! Embrace the healing power of standardized testing and anonymous data collection! Redemption through correlation! Let our standards be outstanding!

[He gives a wide, joyful little grin, then quickly adds in a hushed deadpan:]

All responses will remain entirely anonymous for the protection of respondents and their pairings, and any details which could compromise the anonymity of participants will be edited out or remain unpublished. If you have a specific concern with your warden or inmate which you require direct assistance or a direct response too please feel free to refer to the suggestion and/or complaint box and I will endeavor to otherwise meet your needs!

[And with that, he smiles again (bright as a malfunctioning floodlamp) and signs off.]

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Ah-- I'm sorry I've not had a chance to make this announcement sooner, Comrades. Things have been... well, I'm sure you all know how things have been.

[Prefect's voice is a little raw right now, he's sitting on his bed, which is pushed up against the concrete wall of his cabin.]

I've been asked to act as interim warden for Edward Nygma until he's assigned someone permanently, so if there are any problems with his behavior, or if anyone has a problem with him that requires a wardens attention, then please let me know.

[He lifts a hand now, to rub it down over his eyes. He looks tired as hell.]

And-- I know after a port like that, this is probably a very foolish thing to ask, but Comrades, Brothers, Sisters... How are you all?

[The hand shifts around to cup on the back of his neck, and he stares at the communicator, his expression absent, if not unhappy.]

I know some people were able to help each other, while we were down there. Some people were just able to survive. There were a lot of things that I missed, or I couldn't focus on. So-- If anyone wants to talk about any of that, or... about anything at all? I'd be happy too.

Barron? Mr. Nygma? Please let me know how you're holding up?

[Private to Lua, maybe twenty minutes later]

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I'm asking the Admiral to return Barron Sharpe's powers to him. I believe that he is at a point now where he understands that using it for anything other than self defense does him more harm than good, and I think he's ready to use it responsibly.

For those of you who don't know, Barron is a memory worker. If he touches someone with his bare hands, he is able to change or erase people's memories, but every time he does this, he erases a memory of his own at the same time. For this reason, he almost always wears gloves, if you see him without them, or in the process of removing them, then he's either trying to threaten someone, or he's planning on using his power.

On the barge, the changes he makes to other people only last a week, and then their memories will be restored to normal, but the ones he loses stay lost.

I am not making a public announcement of this, because I... am aware of the fact that there are inmates on board who would take the fact that he has his power back at all as a good enough reason to kill him. Whether you choose to tell your own inmates or not, I'm leaving up to you, but please let me know if you have any concerns, either way.

[Private to the Admiral]

Please restore Barron Sharpe's powers to the level they were at when he first arrived here.
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[Video clicks on, and you get a nicely framed shot of a young man, with a nice, neat suit, and ridiculously well coiffed hair. Hello Wardens and Inmates! Brothers and Sisters! Comrades and Consumers!]

Comrades... Without wanting to sound accusatory, there have been a lot of discussions lately, about problems between wardens and inmates, and questions about what wardens can and can not do, and... honestly, some of these hypothetical questions should not be things that any of us are in doubt about.

If you are a warden, then killing an inmate, any inmate, should be your absolute last resort.

If you are an inmate, then at the very least you should not feel as if your life is in danger from a warden.

[Prefect's EXTREMELY SERIOUS FACE is extremely serious right now. He is kind of talking to you here, Buffy.]

Sadly, there will be exceptions to these. There will be situations where the decision will have to be made as to whether killing a dangerous inmate is the only way to prevent a great deal of harm, and unfortunately there have been, and will be, situations where wardens abuse their powers and neglect their responsibilities.

I don't think the problems we have right now are of that great a magnitude, however, I do think that the warden community has a collective responsibility of care for the inmate community, which it is very easy to neglect. Especially if you've got a tendency to devote all of your attention to your own inmate, and no one elses. [This is not a dig at anyone, he is 100% talking about himself here.] What this means is that no matter how good a job we are doing as individuals, there will still be inmates who are suffering unnecessarily, who see what we are trying to do here as being undermined by a small minority, and through these things, who lose the opportunity of a second chance that they've been brought here for.

[He clears his throat, clearly getting to the point at last:]

So, that brings me to the purpose of this post.

If there are any inmates currently on board who have serious concerns or complaints about the conduct of specific wardens, then I want to ask you to bring them forward. You can make them public, or I'd be just as happy to hear them privately.

The reason why I want to hear them is because while we don't have any specific authority over one another, and while I couldn't go out by myself and punish anyone for whatever they've done, or threatened to do to you? I would really want to take steps to protect you from that person. Whether it's by confronting the person who has threatened you, or by making sure that you have somewhere secure to stay, or... anything else that's within my capabilities, really.

[He reaches off Camera, and lifts up a small safety deposit box, with a slot on the top. Those who have been here for a million billion years may find it somewhat familiar...]

Now... What I'm talking about here are pretty specific and urgent circumstances, Comrades, but I'm aware that there will be other problems, and that they may continue to arise in the future. Because of this, I will be officially re-instituting the Complaints and Suggestions box. If anyone has a problem, and they either aren't comfortable coming to me in person, or if they can't find me immediately? Then from now on you'll be able to find this outside my cabin. That's outside room five, on level four.

And... to those who've only recently arrived? Welcome to the Barge, I'm sorry things have been a little hectic lately. My name is Prefect.

[And with that said, he gives a small, polite smile, and clicks off the communicator.]



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