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[There's a slight rustle of pages, before Prefect speaks, and the first thing he says... doesn't sound very Prefectish.]

Man lives freely only by his readiness to die, if need be, at the hands of his brother, never by killing him.


I don't know how I can talk about what circumstances it might be all right to kill people under. I haven't successfully killed anyone on the Barge, but during the time that I served the Factory I initiated the paperwork for thirteen hundred and seventy two people to be discontinued.

[He's quiet for a moment, then speaks.]

To be killed. I don't know what the exact proceedure was, and at the time there wasn't any reason why I should think on it too much, but if I had, the understanding that I would have come to was that I was arranging for them to be murdered.

Maybe that's why it seems strange to hear people talking about how the atmosphere on the Barge devalues life, because for me, being here did the exact opposite. Even though, Comrades, I went through hell here. Even though I died, even though I was tortured, and even though it was ignored by the wardens who were here at the time, being here still made life seem more valuable. It put what I'd done into perspective.

I think some of the things here happen because people are desperate, and because they're scared, and because life here is hard, but I think most of the things that happen here, just happen because we're evil, and because we never cared about who we hurt.

[There's another pause, another rustle of pages, then:]

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.


I found a book of quotes about not killing each other in the library.
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[The communicator clicks on, and the voice on the other end is somewhat hoarse and uneven. It's the first day of death tolling and he feels like absolute hell.]

Comrade-- Comrade O'Brien, I'm sorry I didn't make it over to see you yesterday.

Iago, I-- I am very glad that you didn't make it over to see me yesterday.

Uh, Erik? [AWKWARDEST PAUSE GOES HERE] I wanted to apologize for my-- my behavior towards you, Brother. I was not quite in my right mind, and It was not my intention to be so disrespectful of your comfort. Also, I'm afraid I will be unable to complete your suit, I hope that you have managed to acquire one elsewhere.

[There's a pause, as he's considering whether there's any outstanding business he's got to talk about before he passes out again. Apparently deciding that there's not, there's a shuffle, as he places his communicator on the bedside table. Under his breath, he mumbles:]

Didn't prove anything, Comrade. Wasn't even really supposed to prove anything.

[ooc: He's drifting in and out of consciousness in the infirmary right now, feel free to spam him if your character is also death tolling, or would come to visit <3]
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Comrades, Consumers! I think probably maybe we're actually going to be O.K. because Kirk is really nothing at all like the Master OR Major West, and he's not taken any hostages or pretended to be the Admiral or set up any death traps and even though he's not really a very nice person sometimes and he's pushy and doesnt seem to understand that hitting someone in the arm isnt very good behavior for friends but hes actually O.K. and not so bad and he gave us all fizzy champagne Perfect for any barbecue, wedding or other social event which would be the constant envy of your friends and neibors AND he doesnt sound drunk.

PLUS the Admiral isnt very good anyway so i dont mind him not driving the ship for a bit.
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Master could you bring Sam back again please?

We forgot about the Ball of death...
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Okay, so lava, ball of death, phirannas, arrows, acid vat.

Master, could you bring Sam back to life again?
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Master, could you bring Sam back to life again please?

Okay, so there's lava, spinning ball of death, arrows that come from the cracks in the walls, and a pool of piranhas to avoid...


Jan. 23rd, 2009 06:48 pm
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Tony? Sam and I were slightly distracted en route to rescuing you, so you might have to hang in there for a bit...

Uh, Master, could you bring Sam back to life again?

So we know that there's a pit leading to lave directly outside my door, and there's a spinning ball of death on the way to the stairs...
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It was Tobias.


Okay, Comrade, I can't tell you who it was, but I can give you some subtle clues!

[There's a long pause before these scribbles are added.]

It was Joker. No wait, lying is probably worse than witholding the truth...


It really was just because I--

I don't think he's going to do it agai--


[And so Prefects latest journal entry reads. Strikes there but all unreadable.]


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