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[Prefects head jerks up abruptly when the video feed begins, instantly registering his wardens presence on his own journals screen.]

Comrade are you--

[He trails off, taking in the details. He's in more or less the same situation as his warden, bound tightly to a chair in the middle of Sam's room, with whatever homemade explosives the Joker has managed to cobble together lashed to the legs of the chair. For a moment he just stares, then his expression breaks into one of despair, because he knows what's happening here.

The same thing that had happened to Harvey.]

Oh god, Sam, I'm sorry.
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Sam? Comrade?

I was just wondering if you could come and finish off some paperwork for me in re: "Your recent requisition of the Factory's stock."

I just need a few signatures, and I wouldn't want to waste your time, but it is important to me. To our files.

[Private to Harvey]

Comrade! Guess what!
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Kirk! Comrade! Brother! Let me be the first to congratulate you on transcending the workplace standard! We regret to inform you that your time with the Factory is coming to a conclusion, and with the return of your predecessor you are being released back into the unallocated pool of wardens.

Sam came back. You'll get reassigned soon.
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[Prefect dashes down the stairs after Sam in a state of nigh panic, glancing over his shoulder as he finally escapes from the death trap level. There is literally no way this floor could be as bad as the last one was...

Turning back to face Sam, Prefect feels a sudden flutter of affection in his stomach. Why he'd even been worried he doesn't know now, of course Sam would get them through the traps eventually, it's all part of his wardens quiet, controlling charm. Now is not the time to think about Sams strange new attractiveness though, he should probably try to find Peter! Running around like a little boy can not be a good idea right now, so Prefect takes off into the corridor, stealing a wistful glance over his shoulder to check if Sam is looking at him as he goes to look for Peter.]
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Comrades, it's good to see the ongoing availability of all varieties of colour, bed, book and behavior in the barge and barge related outlets. Whether or not the outlets want our availability.

[Edited - with shiny new strikes!]

Sam? Can I have a double bed in my room?

I've made my own arrangements.
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That was refreshingly non-transformative, I appreciated the lack of petting.

Sam, I appreciate your conduct during our meeting. After our previous contact I wouldn't have expected you to be so professional.

Thank yo-


I'm not as concerned about having you as a warden.


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