May. 9th, 2009 08:57 pm
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[Prefect wouldn't just by random coincidence ask for Sam over the journals, so I'm going to say that he was going to see Sam to ask him for something completely irrelevant and found the room empty. No crossing out in the writing because he did it all in his head first, and no, he's not mentioning that this was brought on by Sam leaving.]

Comrades! Consumers! Is not progress the most beautiful of all things? And are we few? We united and divided few not elevated to the most supreme and final conclusion of this progress? Is this not the route to enlightenment? Do not despair for absence is the inevitable, those we think we can depend on are not our friends but our competitors, those who have discovered the currency with which to purchase freedom from progress and return to history. Comrades, when the world gives you what you want you don't care about those you promised not to leave behind! Comrades, when we give you what you really want? You won't care who you leave behind either.

So don't sit around screaming at the Barge or The Admiral or each other over the absent friends and lost lovers you just assumed would always be there? Instead observe this decay as incentive, The only things that you cna keep are the things that you own, not the things you love or the things you think you mean or the things you think love you, only the great eternal product, the purchase, the item, COMRADES! This is the end! This is how it is concluded! And getting better or caring more or suffering more WILL NOT SAVE YOU! So fill your death with the things that will. The things you get to keep, the things that don't stay with you under the pretence of love, but rather the honesty of ownership. Comrades, let us never again affect, but rather amass! Let us forget the decaying ideals that keep betraying us and move forward to buy, posess, contain, and rejoice in the constant, because the gods are dead and the last of them walked out of here weeks ago and everyone will leave you.

Comrades, this is the universes entire selling point, if you depend on the things you can keep you will die with nothing. This way? My way? At least it's a kind of nothing you can hold in your hand.
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The Vampires are out now, what happened to no one being left on their own. I mean, I've barricaded my door, so I don't think I'm in any trouble, but It would be nice to have some consistency in your random decisions on how the barge should be run.

After ten minutes or so this is added:

Sam, the Admiral gave me a pile of gunpowder, and I'm giving wardens a ten percent discount, because as a collective you're more desperate and unprofessional and you'll probably need it more.

After another ten minutes:

Are you ignoring me? You do realize this is your job Comrade? Just because you're paranoid and don't appreciate the financial benefits that this could open up to me isn't an excuse for you to shirk your duty as a laborer in the service of this organization!

At long last:


Are you dead?


Master, if Sam is dead could you bring him back to life please? If you don't then this is an entire page of unnecessarily expended effort on my part.


Dec. 26th, 2008 11:33 pm
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[Prefect appears to have taken the Plant back inside, but the fabric is still there. His rejection of Christmas appears to have been trumped by Factory regulations for the storage of organic matter.]
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Comrades! Consumers!

Are you feeling the sting of loss in your life? The desperate cravings of inadequacy? Has your warden cut you off from something you long for and miss, or your inmate made it impossible to enjoy one of your former pleasures? Brothers, sisters, such times sting all of us at some point, but let these losses not deter us from our purer functions! Let them not drive us into states of brooding disapproval or let us search for an unmatchable fulfillment in our own souls! No, for doing this will only drag us deeper into the mindless quagmire of our own stinging loss! Comrades, instead let us ask ourselves why? What would really cure this pain? Not sitting alone in our rooms, nor distracting ourselves with the idle pleasures of company, NO Comrades! Do not be fooled by the blithe bragging of snake oil salesmen promising you gain through loss! Don't listen to the clamoring priests and evangelicals of loneliness and self indulgence! Comrades, the ache of loss is a physical manifestation of your own, wounded being, and can only be solved by the glorious deliverance of commerce!

Of products, Comrades!

It is in this spirit of hope that the Factory is forced to announce a brief intermission of access to our current stock. Know that we too feel the absence of that which we are cut off from, and that we will be there in sympathy and availability in your own times of hardship! Please direct any and all orders to our on site staff, who will endeavor to provide the very best of service even through this difficult period.

Comrades, believe always in strength through commerce! Through the bonds of the corporate family we are made whole, If you can not buy with me today, buy with me tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, once more unto the breach, and onto every breach!

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It was Tobias.


Okay, Comrade, I can't tell you who it was, but I can give you some subtle clues!

[There's a long pause before these scribbles are added.]

It was Joker. No wait, lying is probably worse than witholding the truth...


It really was just because I--

I don't think he's going to do it agai--


[And so Prefects latest journal entry reads. Strikes there but all unreadable.]
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Ugh! Oh god, okay, okay, nothing's inside me, I'm all right, I can move...

...Everyone else remembers it, it must have happened, but... how much of that was real?

Oh god I can almost feel it in me...


Comrades! Consumers! This is what I mean when I say you should just buy things you like, because tomorrow might never come.

Or maybe it will. Possibly even when it's not supposed too...

[Added a few minutes later]

You forgot me? You just left me dead?


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