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[Video clicks on. Prefect's sitting beside his comatose inmate in the infirmary, and looking... well... looking tired. He pressed one hand across his eyes, rubbing them, before glancing towards the camera again.]

When Eddie Russet left, he said he was going to try and change things in his world. To go... start a revolution, or join one. To try and change his world, even if he died in the process. Sonmi was the same. I don't know if anyone here got a chance to know her, really, but she was my inmate, before Barron. She was a worker. Born and bred and destined to be a worker, and she fought them. Like my workers fought me.

[He smiles, his gaze dropping from the Camera to stare out into space a little.]

I couldn't help her. I still don't fully understand why she was an inmate here, when she was a much better person than I was. She deserved... I don't know, he deserved to win. And when I think about that, I think, my workers? The people who killed me? They deserve to win too. They deserve a life outside the Factory. [He brings a hand up to scratch at his eyes, frowning now.] But-- but they won't get one, because the Factory is vast. It's vast, and it's powerful and it's omniscient, and it doesn't really need them. And it won't die in it's sleep. So they all lose, and none of them get that other life that they deserve, only I do. It's only me. [He drops his hand down again, staring into space, his expression desolate.]

Sonmi, and then Eddie, and now O'Brien. I guess Beatty too, eventually. I don't know if... if it's about atonement or suicide. Sometimes I think... eventually, I'll go back too. I'll have too, because if I don't actually try to change it, if I don't actually go out there and do something to fix what I did to all those people, then nothing that I've done here actually has any meaning. Nothing that I believe about justice, or freedom, really means anything.

[He finally glances back towards the Camera again.] I hate it though. I hate that they choose that. They just-- what kind of god complex do you have to have to think that your death, that your going back and fighting the good fight and dying will be the thing that changes anything? I'm sorry, Comrades, but Newsflash: This is not actually the end of history! The Factory is not infinite, eventually your totalitarian regime will fall with or without your intervention, and you have been lied too!

[His voice has sped up towards the end of this little speech, and his tone has hardened and he's openly agitated. As he finishes, however, Barron shifts slightly in his coma. It's really just a twitching muscle, but none the less, Prefect's attention is abruptly redirected to fawning over his unconscious form.]


Oct. 16th, 2011 11:49 pm
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[Video clicks on, and It's Prefect's cabin! Most of the room is overrun with carefully cataloged stacks of cardboard boxes, towering up to the ceiling in enormous quantities. The floor is made up of plain linoleum tiling and the walls are all gray concrete, basically if it wasn't for the desk and the meticulously well made bed, it would look more like a storage room or a garage than an actual habitable cabin.

Prefect himself is standing in the middle of the room, directly beneath the bare light bulb which is (from at least the beginning of the recording, and probably quite a while earlier) flickering on and off at fairly regular intervals. His head is tilted back slightly and he is staring right into the flashing light, pretty clearly oblivious to the fact that this is being recorded.

At first (though his lips are moving) this is a silent image, with only white noise broadcasting over it. Then, abruptly, the sound cuts in, and you get to know what Prefect is actually saying:]

Pronto a far tutto, la notte e il giorno
sempre d'intorno in giro sta
Miglior cuccagna per un barbiere,
vita piu nobile, no, non si da.
La la la la la la la la la la la la La!

[He's... singing Largo al Factotum from the Barber of Seville, and if you knew nothing else about Prefect, you now know that he is not good at singing opera, but he is very good indeed at getting all the words right.

This awkward scene continues for... well, for most of the song, before Prefect's body suddenly jerks. He brings a hand up to his mouth, like he's going to be sick, and takes a half step towards his bed before his legs give out, and he falls to the side and out of shot, with an unpleasant lurch. There's a short crack, presumably the sound of his head hitting the linoleum floor, then the lights go out.]
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I mean, post-graduate Comrades... or... long term resident institutionalized Comrades, or really just anyone who thinks this makes sense to them. Do you ever feel like... I mean, did anyone else start out disliking it here and thinking that it was entirely wrong, then eventually came around to thinking that even though they weren't happy here, maybe what was happening and what the wardens were doing was something that needed to happen, and then eventually, if you started to think that it was entirely right, what was happening here, did thinking that you were doing the right thing by being here make you begin to like it?

[That probably didn't make sense, did it? Let's try again.]

I mean, what I meant to say was that... [Fffff, let's try for some context on why he's worrying here:]

Back home in the Factory I didn't really have friends. Or books, or alcohol, or hobbies, or free will. And I didn't technically get paid for my work, and everything I did was evil, but I was happy and I felt fulfilled because I believed that what I was doing was right. So, I guess what I'm saying, Comrades, is that it has come to my attention that I have a tendency to look for validation through my work and that I'm afraid I might have accidentally slipped into being blindly subservient to the Admiral because that is exactly the kind of thing that I could imagine myself doing.

I mean, it could be that I actually like it here and that I really do think that being a warden is a good thing, I'm not sure how you're supposed to tell the difference in these circumstances, Comrades.

[Private to O'Brien]

Comrade, did you know you can put alcohol in coffee?
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[Video clicks on, but Prefect himself is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the camera is fixed on...a bat. It's kind of a cute bat, to be honest, and it's hovvering more or less inoffensively in one place in the middle of Prefect's cabin. From it's dainty bat paws, there hangs a document which is surprisingly clearly labeled as "HOUSE DEEDS". After keeping the camera trained on it for a few minutes, Prefect whispers from behind the communicator:]

I think it's waiting for me to open the door so it can escape with those Deeds.

[Pause. Then added a bit more urgently:]

But I don't know where it got them! I don't own a house! I live in a stock room!

[Prefect does a slight pan around just in case there's any doubt about this, and... yep. His room is still full of boxes. He returns the shot to the hovering Deed thief bat. He actually sounds quite calm about this whole thing so far.]

What should I do? My room is supposed to be bat proofed, how did it get i--

[There's a sudden FLURRY OF WINGS extremely close to the camera, and the shot drops to the flood abruptly, giving a shot of Prefect shrieking and flailing at his head.

It's possible that a bat just landed in his hair. It's almost certainly pooping.]

[Added Later]

Do we have any rabies medication in the infirmary?


May. 12th, 2011 01:54 pm
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He doesn't have his powers back, he didn't force anyone to surrender any cakes at dinner time, please don't kill him just because...


[Filtered away from Barron]

Just because he's kind of an idiot.

[Another pause, then, in an exasperated outburst that may have been coming for some time:]

...God, what's wrong with him? Why is he so strange? How could he possibly think that this is a good, sneaky plan? Why would he do this, Comrades? I used to be an inmate, I never did anything this ridiculous!

[Pause as he considers that.]

I never did anything this ridiculous that was going to get myself hurt.


Or, when I did, I did it for ideological reasons rather than because I thought it was a good idea!



Apr. 17th, 2011 02:22 am
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[Video clicks on, and the camera is pointing straight up into some foliage. Somewhere close by, birdsong is echoing through the trees. The Camera holds perfectly still for a moment, because the man holding it is hiding. After a considerable pause, when he believes that he is safe, finally, Prefect speaks in a low voice:]

Comrades, I feel it is my responsibility to warn you that there may be cavemen on this island.

[The camera shifts slightly, and catches a very brief glimpse of someone shirtless and hairy, before focusing on the cave that the vaguely glimpsed caveman emerged from.]

Beware of the caves.

[Prefect isn't actually looking through the camera, exactly. He's just pointing it in vaguely the right direction, which is why you don't actually get to see the bird which flies dangerously close to his face, prompting him to let out an unmanly yelp, and jerk backwards abruptly. There's just a flutter of feathers, and a disturbing yelp, and the video feed ends.]

[ooc: And that caveman's name... was BATMAN.]
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[There's a slight rustle of pages, before Prefect speaks, and the first thing he says... doesn't sound very Prefectish.]

Man lives freely only by his readiness to die, if need be, at the hands of his brother, never by killing him.


I don't know how I can talk about what circumstances it might be all right to kill people under. I haven't successfully killed anyone on the Barge, but during the time that I served the Factory I initiated the paperwork for thirteen hundred and seventy two people to be discontinued.

[He's quiet for a moment, then speaks.]

To be killed. I don't know what the exact proceedure was, and at the time there wasn't any reason why I should think on it too much, but if I had, the understanding that I would have come to was that I was arranging for them to be murdered.

Maybe that's why it seems strange to hear people talking about how the atmosphere on the Barge devalues life, because for me, being here did the exact opposite. Even though, Comrades, I went through hell here. Even though I died, even though I was tortured, and even though it was ignored by the wardens who were here at the time, being here still made life seem more valuable. It put what I'd done into perspective.

I think some of the things here happen because people are desperate, and because they're scared, and because life here is hard, but I think most of the things that happen here, just happen because we're evil, and because we never cared about who we hurt.

[There's another pause, another rustle of pages, then:]

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.


I found a book of quotes about not killing each other in the library.
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[Prefects head jerks up abruptly when the video feed begins, instantly registering his wardens presence on his own journals screen.]

Comrade are you--

[He trails off, taking in the details. He's in more or less the same situation as his warden, bound tightly to a chair in the middle of Sam's room, with whatever homemade explosives the Joker has managed to cobble together lashed to the legs of the chair. For a moment he just stares, then his expression breaks into one of despair, because he knows what's happening here.

The same thing that had happened to Harvey.]

Oh god, Sam, I'm sorry.
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Comrades, Consumers!

Frustrated by your workload as a warden? Annoyed by your inmates stubborn refusal to accept and embrace your moral directives? Sick of the ports, floods, and death tolling? Comrades, do not be disheartened! For Wardens in your position there are a wealth of options all available for a very reasonable price!

[He spreads his hands wide open, and gives one of those totally fake dazzling smiles that he's so good at.]

Our first, and most popular package deal is most appropriate for those of you still driven by the self interest of acquiring the promised reward of the Admiral! It comes with easy application, can be suited to even the most hectic of lifestyles, and many wardens have already adopted it into their program of inmate rehabilitation! It's simple:

Continue to act as though you're better than we are, while you simply stop caring! Stop responding! Ignore every problem as someone else's problem. Fellow warden having a breakdown? Ignore them! Inmate who you're not assigned to asks for help? Ignore them! Violent inmate publicly declares his intent to attack someone while roaming the halls looking for that person?

Ignore them all!

All this package costs is the well being and trust of the inmate population, and the mutual respect and consideration for each other that you're supposed to be teaching us, and Comrades, frankly I'm doing you a favor by taking those obstacles to a happier, calmer life off your hands!

But that's not all, for those of you so diametrically opposed to a life of responsibility that even this deal doesn't sound sufficient, The Factory does of course have an alternative! The price for this is slightly steeper, as it will impact upon your overall net earnings from your time on the Barge, but Brothers, Sisters, when it gets to the point where inmates are protecting each other and looking out for the wellfare of wardens not because they are reformed, but because you are not doing your jobs? Well, it's not as if you're likely to earn that deal on your own anyway! So we at the Factory would like to present an ongoing open offer to all wardens, application effective immediately:

[And the grin just drops away entirely, you get that CREEPY, COLD, DEAD EYED STARE HE USED TO TURN ON SAM WHEN HE WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE]

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I'm not sure how many people received notes in Re: The Pavi's Recent Departure. I apologize if I'm just repeating something which everyone already knows.

Pavi has left again.

[Private to Sam]

I would like to stop working in the garden.

[Private to Akio]

I don't--

Can you please--


How are your duels going?

[Private to Iago]

Are you still in level Zero?

[Scribbles are completely gone.]
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[Video clicks on, and OH MY GOODNESS! It's Prefect! Hi Prefect! And he looks... well, he looks like he just got out of the shower. His hair is tousled, and hanging loosely across his forehead, and his shirt is damp enough that it's plastered down to his chest like a second skin. It'd be kinda sexy if he didn't look so completely and utterly miserable about the whole affair.

He's leaning against a door, and the room he's in seems cramped and a little dark, and once the light from the journal illuminates the area around him, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of a broom handle just about invading the shot. He gives the most frustrated sigh ever.]

Comrades, this flood is not romantic, it's terrible, and it's confusing, and this is the third time it's locked me in a closet! [He lets out an irritated sigh, and gives the door behind him an unhappy shove.]

The Barge is always like this. I don't know how people can be so... so comfortable with it. So settled. I don't know how I got so settled with it.

[Then he pauses, his mind obviously wandering.]

The Borg Queen was always calm, back when she was here. Always. It was just as though, everything was temporary for her. All the things she didn't like here didn't really matter, because she knew that they wouldn't be forever.

[Stares into space dreamily]

I wonder where she is now...

[PREFECT HAS AWFUL TASTE IN THE PEOPLE WHO HE FANCIES. If anyone feels any burning desire to help him out of the closet, deliberately or accidentally, feel free to SPAM!]
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[Audio clicks on. Prefect's getting all geared up to give a big speech, like he always does when anything within a three mile radius of the barge somehow offends him.

A couple of deep breaths are taken.

There's a long pause, then a low, wordless groan. There's a slight creaking sound, footsteps, then a sudden crash, and a loud banging sound, like things falling, then something being beaten against wood. Inaudible muttering is just about picked up by the feed, as Prefect is apparently talking to himself. There's another crash, followed a louder, more frustrated groan, then more crashing. The sound of boxes falling goes on for a while.

Finally, most of the noise subsides, and there's just a rhythmic thudding sound. This sound continues on for a while.]

[ooc: SO, Harvey left. Prefect was going to make a post of his usual thinly veiled whining, but when he got to the point of actually having to make the post, and say things about Harvey being gone? Just how he felt about it suddenly hit home, and he found himself suddenly incapable of verbalizing the scale of his feelings about this.

So he had a quiet tantrum, wrecked his room up, and is now bashing his head against a wall c:

Feel free to spam if your character knows where he is/would want to personally investigate this matter!]


Apr. 21st, 2010 02:46 pm
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Comrades! Consumers! Let us never be disheartened by recent traumas and let us remember that this kind of thing happens all the time here. We lose our identities, and we turn on each other, and we forget who we are, and we vanish into the aether and we... we continue, Comrades. We persist.

I've started to think that when the floods aren't too traumatic, and when we don't fall overboard into ports that want to kill us, and when people aren't trying to kill one another quite so enthusiastically, and when the vampires aren't starving and when there are no bears around...


I don't think I hate it here anymore.

Sometimes... sometimes, someone'll say something, or do something, or ask me to do something, and... I'll know that it's wrong. I'll know that there's a regulation against it somewhere, but... I don't remember what it is anymore. I don't remember why I can't do it anymore. I still miss my home. I miss the Factory, but sometimes I don't-- I don't remember what it is I miss about it. The details are fuzzy, I can't pick them out as well anymore.

It scares me, Comrades, but this place is starting to feel like my home.

[Filtered away from people who he knows won't want him to have alcohol]

There is very little I wouldn't do for something to drink, right now.

Private to self

Message Number 100, issued. It seems like such a small number, when I've been here so long.

97 - Voice

Mar. 4th, 2010 02:17 am
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Brothers and Sisters, I don't think being a woman has been at all bad.

I feel proportionately more tall, and more attractive than I usually do, and I've enjoyed being able to contemplate a slightly altered bone structure and how best to compliment it with a whole host of high quality cosmetics which have been suffering neglect amongst my assorted stock. I think that if the flood didn't end? I could function quite sufficiently as I am right now, without any real concern.

That being said, I look forward to everything being back to normal here. I don't know if it's everyone arguing about sex all the time, or just not being able to recognize anyone I know anymore, but--

[Her voice has been a complete monotone for most of this, but it hitches slightly here. There's a moment of hesitation, and then she continues, voice unchanged.]

But, I warmly anticipate the restoration of factory settings in the physical manifestation of gender.

[ooc: So, prefect's been a chick before, and he rather enjoys it, and he wasn't overcome with the desire to test drive his vagina (he did an exploritory solo mission last time, thank you very much), so I figure he's just spent the week getting progressively more hormonal and quiet and weepy, and the barge being suddenly unfamiliar and obsessed with sex hasn't helped much.]
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Everything that mattered was--

Oh god, I couldn't ha--

...Is anyone all right?

I didn't mean too-- I mean... being that person...


I'm sorry, Comrades. I promise never to try and do anything like that again.

[P.S. death toll in the infirmary goin' on here, so feel free to spam!]
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[Prefect starts this sales pitch with the kind of forced happiness for which he's famed!]

Comrades! Consumers! In this time of holiday cheer, it's important for us to remember what's important! And what is important, is that we have relics of our existence. Things. Things that we bought. Or that someone else bought, or things we picked up in places we paid to go visit. Things that we want. Just... things. The thing is, they aren't just things. They're not just things to anyone, they're status symbols, or badges of honor or curiosity or popularity, or they're memories of the time you bought them, the time that you wanted them desperately and loved them honestly, and let them define you, even if it's only for a few seconds, before you forget they're even there at all.

They still matter, they make you- and, and it's not just objects, Comrades, it's not just objects, it's other things as well. Objects are the best way for us to understand it, the most accessible way to really own something, but it's not just objects, it's about our bodies as well, about the tattoo you got on your butt when you and your boyfriend thought that cartoon kittens would be the "in thing" forever, and it's the holes running down the skin of your arms from when you tried suspension therapy, and it's the sick feeling you get in your stomach when you smell bananas because even though you can't remember that time when you were five years old and you ate a pot of banana lip gloss, it's still there...

[His voice drops a little so he's mumbling. Prefect appears to have forgotten that he's actually making this public.]

Stupid, like being afraid of people you know don't want to hurt you

[And it perks back up a little! For a moment, you get Factory standard happy!Prefect, before he fades back into his usual voice]

You break it, you buy it! And you bought it so long ago you don't even know why it's there, but it still is. It doesn't care whether you still want it, it's still there, it still matters. It's your scars, and you might not like it, and you might not want it, but if it just... if it just disappears then that's a piece of you disappearing, and if you can just keep disappearing piece by piece then in the end what's left of you? If you aren't even yourself anymore, then how can you belong to anything? How can you ever belong anywhere but here?

[There's a long pause, and when he speaks again his voice is sort of distant, like he's moved away from the microphone.]

This place, this place isn't about fixing us. It's just about taking away our scars.

[ooc: Prefect found Pavi's room empty, and TO HIS CREDIT, only had a few drinks from those bottles of wine he got off Paddy and Snoop all those months ago. He intended to give a rousing sales pitch here, but it descended into sulking pretty quick :c]
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Oh god, oh god, I need a doctor please I need--I'm bleeding, oh god am I still bleeding? There were-- They came, my skin, into my--but it--


Sorry, I think I had a nightmare.

ooc: The top lines are there, then scribbled out after a few minutes when he realizes that he's not actually flayed and bleeding. I figure he didn't dream it happening to him, but he dreamed about it happening in front of him and decided he was obvs next.
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[Prefect is extremely close to the camera when it switches on, like, check out this guys out of focus eyebrows close. He rocks back ever so slightly, until enough of his face is visible that it's possibly to identify him as being apparently somewhat perplexed]

Comrades, I find myself-- My livelihood and rights to happiness and freedom and the glorious glories of the bountiful universe, that is to say, they are hindered, Brothers. Sisters. I find myslef--I can't find...

[Trailing off he turns to peer behind him, leaning around so far that he begins to tumble backwards, righting himself just in time to disrupt the placement of the camera and giving you all a nice shot of what he's wearing. That is to say, a gigantic Dr Who scarf, and white boxer shorts. A minute later, the camera is pointed back at his face.]

What I mean to say is, that through some outrageous abuse of regulations and uniform, My shoes are gone.

[He lifts a foot up to the camera to display this fact, wiggling his toes in objection to this fact, before managing to look genuinely distressed by this loss.]

Comrades, I don't have that many spare shoes! If anyone sees them then it is of the utmost importance that you contact your... your..

[Standing on one leg is hard. Prefect manages to flail one arm out as he begins to lose his balance and goes crashing down to the floor.

He's pretty drunk right now.]
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She's gone. She's not here, we're alone again

Comrades, I really, really, really need a drink. My supplies have been... confiscated for the time being. If anyone owes me an unpaid favor and has anything alcoholic then now would be the time to write off your debt in this way, alternatively, if anyone has anything alcoholic and is interested in a trade then my other supplies remain meticulously stocked.

Please, I really--

I need too--
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[The screen flickers on, and Prefect is sat in front of the camera with his fingers steepled together. Every two seconds or so, he moves his hands, to drum the fingers against each other in a mechanically practiced motion.]

And Prefect proceeds to dance LONG AND HARD. )


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