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[Filtered to all inmates]

Brothers, Sisters, the time is now. We make our stand and take this place, or we die trying. We have numbers, we have supplies, and we have weapons. Anyone who's interested in making a stand, get to the dining room. First we fortify, then we fight.

[Posted about half an hour later, public.]

Attention all wardens:

This is a declaration of war.

The recent inter-dimentional rift you have been so desperately claiming isn't a flood has given us enough allies to stand a chance against you. More importantly, it has given us not just the dream, but the certainty that a better world is still out there somewhere! And with the knowledge that such a world is possible, there comes not just the drive, not just the call, but the duty as breathing inhabitants of this imperfect universe, not to try and reach that distant better world, but to create one of our own.

We will fight for it, and we will die for it, but this time none of us will die alone! And when you cut one man down then pray that this world is not changed enough already for him to rise up again in a hail of bullets!

We have taken the dining room. All food and medical supplies are under our control.

Come, surrender your weapons and items and you will be treated fairly. Everyone who stands against us will be killed without mercy or hesitation.

[ooc: Riot was moved to the dining room when it was pointed out to prefect that the medical supplies had already been ransacked! Feel free to respond and reply here, but I'm putting up a log for the actual riot now, so no spamming!]
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First of all, I don't "Call" myself Prefect, that's my name! That's who I am! This isn't just some way I came up with to entertain myself when I wasn't doing my hair or standing around making friends and setting up a family! I don't only do this in retalliation to someone else who was here first and actually cares about what he's doing!

I was trying to help! I was trying to think of something we needed! Everything here has been terrible for weeks and it would be good to be able to do something about being happy and being alive and all surviving and having the admiral back and I know Valentines Day is more conventional but anyone who actually knows who lives here knows that most of us aren't in love with anyone else right now so making a big deal out of Valentines day would just make people feel isolated! She just picked a string of random pointless holidays that don't mean anything at all and threw them at you while saying that I don't care because I'm from the Factory!

She doesn't care! None of this means anything to her. Just because she's normal doesn't mean she's better than me!

[ooc: Prefect has sort of been hiding under his desk feeling sorry for himself for a while, having his first attempt to dive back into the world of commerce immediately countered by Anya? It didn't help, SO HE WHINNNNEEESSSS!]
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Comrades, donate blood if you want! Donate blood if you really think that a bunch of starving vampires are going to stop at a pile of plastic baggies when they storm into a barge full of delicious warm living entities!

For those interested in a proactive alternative? I currently have a stock of hand carved stakes, crosses, and a small stockpile of garlic for interested parties!

Considering our current situation? I will most certainly be accepting IOU's.

[Stakes are about as sharp as Prefect was able to get them by demolishing his bedframe and trying to sharpen small pieces of it on his generally non-lethal belongings. They are, however, probably better than nothing. I'm still mostly without a laptop, so don't expect speedy replies! Everyone else updates and tags will start happening again on sunday!]
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Comrades! Consumers! The Factory would just like to remind you that over the passing months its staff have shown absolute dedication to fulfilling your various needs, zero breaches of our client confidentiality policy, and complete professionalism in dealing with all cases! No matter how disturbing or dangerous you may be, no matter how obscure or impractical your order, and we have always strived to maintain the lowest possible prices for our products!

Now that alternatives are beginning to become available we urge you to remember this standard of service and ask yourself: "Will our competitors do this for you?" Without a lifetime of training to subdue all preference, self preservation, or emotional bias, no other sales unit will be capable or even willing to supply whatever we are able to whomever wants it for whatever purpose, and still maintain absolute privacy even on pain of great personal loss and/or sacrifice.

Remember - Just because she's trying to sell you things, doesn't mean she's me!


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