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[Video clicks on, and say hello to your friendly neighborhood hostaged Commodore. Prefect is slumped, shirtless against the stone wall of his cell, his expression is tired and irritable. He's a little scuffed, and there are bruises climbing up his chest, but as he begins to broadcast, you can see him force himself to straighten up, so that he can deliver his daily bitching session with an air of authority and professionalism.]

This is Commodore Prefect of His Majesty's Royal Naval Forces, calling all officers who are yet to join the cowardice hoard here in their treachery to the crown.

Myself and First Lieutenant Pendragon are now entering the hundred and twelfth day of our imprisonment here. Spirits are high, and neither one of us have swerved in our loyalty to his majesty, or our certainty that God, and right shall deliver us from this ugly circumstance.

[His expression slips slightly, and there's a hint of a glare coming through as he continues:]

It is in that spirit that I wish to add to the list of charges which I have recorded thus-far, to be pressed against the inhabitants of this vipers nest, when they are brought before the hand of the English courts and to the satisfaction of the just.

Two days ago, as Lieutenant Pendragon and I commandeered a vessel for the departure from this island, we were waylaid by two men known to be in the employ of Captain Reaver, known locally by the names "Black-Eye Dan" and "Fists McCall". Both men struck at us, and while alone we easily outmatched them, it did not take long for them to enlist the aid of the local mob, and we were swarmed by collaborators before we were able to depart.

[He's looking progressively embittered at this point, like even saying all of this is leaving a bad taste in his mouth.]

I have added the names of those guilty of colluding with our captors to the list [The list which he has been compiling since his arrival, which has the name of almost everyone in the port on it by now, which he updates every few days just so you know that you're on it.] In addition to the names of several local criminals who we have witnessed operating from the confines of our imprisonment.

The only men here more worthy of the noose than these scurrilous curs, are those deserters who come here, shed of their colours and entrenching themselves as deeply in the crimes this place as any other man! They are the shame of His Majesties Navy, and I name them too! I've much hope that you and I, oh last and loyal men, shall carry them to court martial, and to pay in blood for their cowardice, and their treachery!

[He ends in a pissy little snarl, before clicking off the video. Once the broadcast is finished, the text function scrolls down the communicators face, with a long, long list of the people Prefect is eventually planning on hanging. Feel free to assume that your character's name is on there.

It may go without saying that he makes these broadcasts frequently, and that they're only superficially intended for loyal Naval Officers. They're more like a giant, petty, ongoing fuck you to the pirates and inhabitants of Barcaza.

The cell (housing both Prefect and Arthur) is literally built into the corner of a building, and open to the street and passers by, so feel free to spam!]
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[A warm, glowing light begins to fill your screen, before finally the image clears, and you get to see... the incomparably beautiful image of Mermaid Prefect, propped up against the side of the moat, with his arms resting on the muddy bank. He's managed to jam his communicator (which in this instance, is a beauty and the beast style magic looking glass) into the soft, damp earth there, so he can transmit to you all hands free. Once the image has cleared up, he smiles a glowing smile.]

Friends! Nobles! Countrymen! Since my last request for help, I have learned many wonderful and exciting facts about mermen, which I think would really inspire some of you to see how it's really in your best interests as well, to come and help me get to the ocean. So, I would like to take this opportunity to share my newfound wisdom and knowledge with you all:

[He clears his throat, and straightens up slightly. The sound of a tail slapping against mud is distant but audible.]

Fact number one: Mermen emit a very small amount of extremely deadly poison which can only be neutralized with salt. This is why we are supposed to live in the sea, so that we can't create terrible moats of poison which are sure to kill any who drink of them. [He gestures to the moat around him] I don't think this is too poisonous yet, but it's only a matter of time if I don't get back to the ocean.

Fact number two: Mermen (when returned to the sea) are obligated to grant whoever returned them to the sea three wishes! [Prefect does a little merman jazzhands at the screen, then grabs the bank again, because fff swimming in one place is hard.] Yeah, I bet you didn't know I could grant wishes, did you? Well I can! And there's only one way to get them! [He really, really, can't grant wishes :|]

Fact number three: The song of a Merman is so incredibly beautiful and harmonious, that anyone who hears it is completely entranced, and-- [WAIT. NOT A GREAT WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO COME TO YOUR MOAT, PREFECT.] ...and... they just feel happy for weeks and weeks. [NICE SAVE]

Fact number four: The ocean is practically full of spectacular merman treasures. If you take me there, I will give some to you.

So, there you have it, friends! Four entirely good, and exceptionally true reasons why you should come and help me to get back to the ocean! Wishes and treasure? Or a terrible poisonous moat! The choice is yours, but friends, I trust you to make it the right one.


[ooc: It is probably safe to say that merman Prefect has pulled this kind of thing before. Plenty of people have tried to help him, the only problem is, whenever someone gets within arms length his bitchy mermaid instincts take over and he tries to drown them. Prefect has tried this on many, many people.

Also lol completely open to spam c:]
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[Citizens Channel, Easily hackable]

[Video clicks on, and Prefect is grinning widely at the camera. He looks slightly haggard and slightly more malnourished, but his eyes glow with the fevered light of one who is completely indoctrinated and loving it. He locks both arms over his head, stretches, and begins:]

Citizens! Companions!

Is today not a glorious day to live in the service of our Lord and Master? The sun is high in the sky, the gaseous clouds which plunged us into perpetual twilight last fall are almost entirely receded, we may soon be having a permenant change in the weather, and all prisoners remain in excellent health!

[Oh he's so proud of that! He's practically glowing with happiness! Then he jabs a finger towards the screen.]

And to all of you pamphleteers and would be revolutionaries and assassins? Well, I'll almost certainly be seeing all of you soon!

[He grins so widely it looks like he's going to break something, before reaching forward to kill the feed.]


[Glancing down at his watch, Prefect notes that in exactly three minutes and forty two seconds, it's time for the prisoners to be fed. Grabbing the cart which contains the meagre rations the prisoners survive upon, he sets off towards the holding cells.]

[OOC: Anyone in the jail? Political prisoners/roaming guards/newly arrested bitches/anyone who's in the jail for any reason at all and would like to spam? Feel free to hit me up, multiple threads welcomed!]

[Edited to add: In a note for his fellow prison officers:]

Fellow servants of our Lord and Masters, I'm... I had a troubling conversation with someone recently, would you mind giving me your thoughts on this?
[There's a considerable amount of background noise to this post, as Prefect has clearly set off into one of the more busy parts of town.]

Okay, so, No one died, no one was tortured, nothing terrible happened, and now we're at a port which... actually doesn't seem that bad. So far? I'd say this is my favorite overthrowing of the dominant power structure, so I think it would be a good idea to quit while we're ahead and never do it again please.

[There's a little pause, along with the sound of a locals voice close to the communicator, followed by a slight scuffle as Prefect retreats quickly. When he speaks again there's a slight agitation in his voice.]

Which is not to say that this place is anywhere close to perfect, Comrades, the entire concept of even attempting to get clean in those--


Uh, I'd rather not think about it actually.

[OOC: Prefect found the Roman Bath houses! Also, repost so it's AFTER Kirk's announcment]
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Oh The days are long and we might see red
But after you've done work, and you've been fed
For a peaceful place to rest down your head
You can't do better than a Prefect bed!

[Prefect Beds are now stocking an exciting new item! The double bed! It's like your usual single bed, only bigger! Maybe you and that special gal in your life can sleep side by side now instead of in separate beds on opposite sides of the room? This exciting new development simply appeared in John Prefects store window one day, and who is he to question it?]
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Oh The days are long and we might see red
But after you've done work, and you've been fed
For a peaceful place to rest down your head
You can't do better than a Prefect bed!

[Prefect is just sort of pottering about in his bed shop, he'll probably go home soon, or he might pick one of his beds and have a little sleep in it. If anyone wants him, this is where to find him!]


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