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Cut for length. This is how we make peace with ourselves. )

[And after this is posted, Prefect has officially left the Barge! I may forward or backdate it around going to the pub, if we do that. ANYWAY, he'll be back in a few days, after the flood!]
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[The camera clicks on to Prefect. His eyes are open very wide, and despite having the dark circles of the sleep deprived under them, he seems fairly alert. He drums his fingers on the desk, seeming a little agitated.]

So! Comrades! There's a flood coming! Or-- maybe there's a flood already here. Maybe. I mean, if I'd just woken up and looked in the mirror and I had an extra four eyes or something then-- then at least we'd know.

[He takes a deep breath, and perks up, then looks directly at the Camera and grins widely.]

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades and Consumers, I am very pleased to announce that I am as of yet unaffected by any of the incoming flood waters!

[His grin remains fixed, but his eyes soften slightly, possibly with a hint of concern creeping into them.]

So... so how about everyone else? Are you all... I mean, even people who, maybe-- who maybe I don't talk to so often, or who don't talk to me so often anymore...

[And now the smile goes entirely, and he's just staring into the camera, his expression openly concerned.]

...Are you all right?
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I need to know who I'm selling too.

I have some of the items your third party needs, but as a matter of personal security, I can't have someone know that I'm trading in dangerous things without some assurance that it won't get back to my Warden. If I know who I'm selling too, then I have something on them as well as them having something on me, if not, I could just give you the chemicals and immediately afterwards they could report me to him and get my walls sealed up.

I've been told to stop trading with you entirely Joker, but as long as I can be assured that there'll be no leaking of information back to him then I don't think that'll be neccessary.
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Comrade! I've been working on filling your order for you, but I'm having trouble getting hold of some of the items you required. The syringes in particular I'm having a little trouble with, I was thinking perhaps we could do a little devision of this order, work through it a piece at a time if you will.

I have your gloves already, I have a source that can get me the Ket without any real problems, however, the source I'm counting on for syringes is asking for certain chemicals which I do not have access too. As a Warden, your scope reaches a little further than mine does, so perhaps you could make some enquiries for me as payment for what you need, I'll give you the gloves immediately, if you can give me a bottle of ammonia, it's common enough to trade for what I've got for you. Once I've given that to my other client as a good faith gesture I can almost certainly get you the syringes, and you can pay me for those and the Ketamine by getting hold of the following chemicals for me:

[A fairly short list of chemicals follow, WE ALL SUCK AT CHEMISTRY!]

Once we've confirmed that this deal is all right with you I'll get rid of this message. As always, my deals are completely confidential, and once more into the breach comrade.


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