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Mar. 4th, 2010 02:17 am
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Brothers and Sisters, I don't think being a woman has been at all bad.

I feel proportionately more tall, and more attractive than I usually do, and I've enjoyed being able to contemplate a slightly altered bone structure and how best to compliment it with a whole host of high quality cosmetics which have been suffering neglect amongst my assorted stock. I think that if the flood didn't end? I could function quite sufficiently as I am right now, without any real concern.

That being said, I look forward to everything being back to normal here. I don't know if it's everyone arguing about sex all the time, or just not being able to recognize anyone I know anymore, but--

[Her voice has been a complete monotone for most of this, but it hitches slightly here. There's a moment of hesitation, and then she continues, voice unchanged.]

But, I warmly anticipate the restoration of factory settings in the physical manifestation of gender.

[ooc: So, prefect's been a chick before, and he rather enjoys it, and he wasn't overcome with the desire to test drive his vagina (he did an exploritory solo mission last time, thank you very much), so I figure he's just spent the week getting progressively more hormonal and quiet and weepy, and the barge being suddenly unfamiliar and obsessed with sex hasn't helped much.]
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So this is what we have waiting? No heaven, no hell, so they weren't right enough to earn the salvation they denied, but not wrong enough to ever really be punished. Not like we were punished.

From one Factory to another. From fixing us to fixing them for giving up on fixing me. What are we mass producing now then? What does this people machine produce? Just the next line of children to walk through the next set of Factory doors to be told once again that they're doing it wrong, and maybe if we all learn to just overachieve then eventually we might be enough for them.

Like I was never enough for them.

Enough for you.

I wonder how many of your damned machines I have to run through before I'm good enough to just feel nothing.
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I want to go home. I want to be with the things I love again.
I know what you think when you see me, you think I'm weird,
You think that because I chose obedience that means I don't deserve freedom
You think no one'll miss me, you think there's no one too miss me,
Just some big, empty place full of regulations and products and nothing else.
Or maybe that's all I am, empty space full of regulations.

But you have your own damn regulations! Someone else made all of yours as well, and you still follow them just as diligently, because if you didn't then you might have less conviction when you dismiss mine.

When you dismiss me.

Professionalism does not negate humanity! I belong to the Factory, I chose the Factory, I love the Factory!

And just because you don't think it should be here doesn't mean I will stop carrying it with me. Just because you don't understand it or me, doesn't mean that I will ever change. Even if you hate me for it.

I think this flood is worse than I thought it was.

OOC: Prefect wrote this, looked at it, went: "WTH?" and scribbled it all out rightquick! You can pick out bits of it if your character wants to look hard, but no one can get a full reading of it due to some crazyscribbling!
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Comrades! Brothers! Sisters! Brothers who are sisters and sisters who were brothers! I know you're all secretly loving this! In regards of the sudden and spectacular rearranging of our needs, I would like to let you all know that for the next day I will be selling feminine hygiene products and masturbatory aides at a price that is practically GIVING THEM AWAY!

This may never happen again, never before have I said "seize the day" and meant it so very much!


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