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[incidentally this is the ass pic he linked too there. IT IS MELS CALL IF THIS IS ACTUALLY SHATNERS ASS OR IF HE IS JUST FIBBING. Don't ask how he got it.]
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[The camera clicks on with a jolt, and it's clearly night time. The only light comes from a nearby street lamp, but it's enough to illuminate what dastardly crimes are afoot here! The recording is an extreme close up angle, which manages to show the front window of one of the towns main supermarkets, the front of a dark jacket being worn by whoever's carrying the camera, and a gloved hand holding a can of black spray paint.

The hand shakes the can hard, before lifting it to begin spraying a line along the front window of the shopping center, the man holding the camera begins to walk, drawing the line out as he does so. He walks for probably a good ten seconds, continuing the thick black line for some time, before he reaches the shopping center's automatic doors. It is at this point that he reveals the true intent of the line, as he finishes it off by curving it around into the head of an extremely long penis.

The head completed, he switches his angle so that he's facing the wall head on, before beginning the second half of the penis, another long line, parallel to the first. He continues to the beginning of the first line, before finishing it off, with a flourish of lazily drawn testicles.

There's a moment of hesitation then, as the bearer of the can considers what to do next, before eventually scribbling over one of the adverts pressed against the glass of the supermarket window: "SPECIAL OFFER! ONLY $1.95!"

Banksy, eat your heart out.]

[ooc: John Kirk's a juvenile delinquent, brother to Bones and Carla, and acting out because DADDY KIRK WHY DID YOU LEAVE US? Sadly, he used to be a really nice kid, he was even the SCHOOL PREFECT FOR YEARS (herp derp see what I did there?) Feel free to hit him up with spam or comments <3]


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