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[The video function is switched on in a flurry of wings and tiny feet, and the only shot you get to see, is one of a bat. A bat, retreating down a difficult to identify corridor.

In it's tiny feet claws, there is clutched some kind of vitally important document, which wafts in the breeze behind it.

Over the next several hours, the communicator will continue to record, and the bat makes SEVERAL RETURN JOURNEYS FOR MORE DOCUMENTS. It is seen robbing multiple cabins and from time to time, it drops lumps of guano, like tiny gifts for those who crossed it's path.

After a few hours, the bat is beginning to get tired. It wants to nest in someone's hair! And possibly bite them! It would like to spread a little rabies if it can! But until it can find a suitable nest/victim, it shall continue it's crime spree.]

[Prefect!Bat will totally reply to comments (although he's only understandable to other animals) and any spamming would be glorious!]
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Comrade, I have...


During the flood, while I was inhabiting your body, I... failed to adequately evade...

Stildyne kissed your mouth, Comrade. While I was in it.

He has assured me that it will not happen again, but I'm still sorry. I didn't mean to get anyone else's mouth on your mouth.


Jul. 11th, 2012 11:21 pm
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[Video clicks on, and it's... Barron? Probably? He's standing in one of the corridors in the Barge and looking sort of bemused.]

Comrades, I realise this probably seems like a strange thing to need help with, but I'm just...

[He turns around, staring off down the corridor, with an expression of increasingly dismayed puzzlement on his face.]

All of these corridors look the same, and I don't... I don't remember which direction I was coming from. Or where... any of the things that I know are here are...

[Prefect and Barron had a FULL BODYSWAP, which means Prefect gets Barron's body, and his tragically swiss cheesed version of a memory. He doesn't actually remember that he's not supposed to look like this.]
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[incidentally this is the ass pic he linked too there. IT IS MELS CALL IF THIS IS ACTUALLY SHATNERS ASS OR IF HE IS JUST FIBBING. Don't ask how he got it.]
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[Video clicks on, but Prefect himself is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the camera is fixed on...a bat. It's kind of a cute bat, to be honest, and it's hovvering more or less inoffensively in one place in the middle of Prefect's cabin. From it's dainty bat paws, there hangs a document which is surprisingly clearly labeled as "HOUSE DEEDS". After keeping the camera trained on it for a few minutes, Prefect whispers from behind the communicator:]

I think it's waiting for me to open the door so it can escape with those Deeds.

[Pause. Then added a bit more urgently:]

But I don't know where it got them! I don't own a house! I live in a stock room!

[Prefect does a slight pan around just in case there's any doubt about this, and... yep. His room is still full of boxes. He returns the shot to the hovering Deed thief bat. He actually sounds quite calm about this whole thing so far.]

What should I do? My room is supposed to be bat proofed, how did it get i--

[There's a sudden FLURRY OF WINGS extremely close to the camera, and the shot drops to the flood abruptly, giving a shot of Prefect shrieking and flailing at his head.

It's possible that a bat just landed in his hair. It's almost certainly pooping.]

[Added Later]

Do we have any rabies medication in the infirmary?


Feb. 7th, 2011 10:38 pm
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[Video clicks on at an odd angle, it's pointed upwards and is recording from the floor, where it's just been dropped. Prefect is leaning heavily against a wall, staring into space blankly. His eyes are slightly glazed, and as he lowers himself to run his hand across the floor, searching for the dropped journal, he doesn't bother to look down at it.

His hand finally brushes against the journal, and after a couple of minutes fumbling, the screen is covered by his palm. The video lurches as Prefect finally picks up the journal, and there's a brief shot of his palm running across the wall of his cabin, searching for the door handle out of his room.

Finally, the door opens, and the camera points down, just transmitting a shot of the floor as Prefect moves very, very carefully across the corridor. The shot of the floor stops, and changes direction as Prefect tries to navigate his way to the infirmary.]

[ooc: Prefect's power is seeing Auras. And nothing else. So basically, he can see GLOWING SHAPES OF LIGHT when people are in front of him, but other than that? ALL IS DARK, so he doesn't know that the journal has switched on at all. Feel free to yell at him through the journal, or spam at him in the corridor!]
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[Video clicks on, and Prefect is sitting in a slightly cleaned up, but still slightly scorched bedroom. He's still dressed in clothes he borrowed from the Doctor, but he's clean shaven again, and while his expression is ponderous, he looks to be more or less calm.]

Comrades, I know that this has happened before, but does anyone else think that it's slightly suspect that the journal system is presumably malfunctioning so shortly after-- [STATIC, STATIC] --plete blackout? Comr-- [STATIC] --onsumers! These are the--[STATIC STATIC STATIC AND WHO DO WE HAVE HERE?]

[The image of Prefect is replaced by video footage of a man who... well, who looks remarkably like Prefect. He's got glasses on, and a little more stubble... but he's definitely got kind of a Prefectish look to him.

...and he appears to be talking to someone off Camera.]

All I'm saying is, we've had three solar flares in the last week, this transmission is coming from the dead center of the Bermuda triangle, and your childhood friend just happens to be doing a local ultrasound survey? No. Nuh uh. Not buying this as a coincidence.

[There's a woman's voice from somewhere off camera, and not!prefect sounds indignant.]

The truth might be out there! Look, I'm not saying it definitely is, but c'mon, you've gotta admit this is weird, right?

[The woman says something else, but the exact words are inaudible. Not!Prefect jabs a finger off camera, trying to demand her attention.]

Hey! This has nothing to do with the X-files marathon that was on last night! And... E.T. just so happens to be a great movie, with... with many valuable anthropological insights!

[His volume increases slightly towards the end, as if he's trying to project his voice to a swiftly retreating audience, but it's too late. Whoever he was talking to has clearly ragequit the conversation. Not!Prefect gives an irritable little huff, and lets his shoulders sag.

There's more static, and the video returns to regular Prefect, who is just... staring blankly now. Just staring and staring. Way to have a new clone, Prefect.]
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My children, I know that we are all very excited by the coming of the Carnival to our little town, and rightly so! For god takes joy in the joy of his children, and sorrow in their loneliness, and there is much to do at such an event without wandering into the clutches of the Devil.

But, Brothers and Sisters, as you go, go with caution, and as you go, go too with your god! And be not tempted by the sin that is brought to our town by such a place, keep your spirit lifted and your soul and body pure and you will be delivered into his great kingdom yet! For the Devil dresses up! He dances and sways his hips and chatters nonsense streams to draw the coin from your purse and your feet to the path of his ways, and the reward that you will take for following his path is that of damnation eternal! So as you walk amongst those brightly lit stalls, beware, and recall the word of your Lord our God:

"You may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous, has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God."

Children, guard that inheritance, so that I might see you again some day at his throne.


I will be holding prayer three times a day from now until the carnival leaves, at nine am, one pm, and five pm. I would like to welcome any of those travellers who seek the light of our lord to attend, and I would be more than happy to guide you towards his glory.

[OOC BIT: Prefect's actually relatively new in town! He was raised by a super religious family in a SIMILAR TINY TOWN, shipped off to a seminary for a bunch of years, and finally ditched here about a year ago, after he was ordained as a priest. His full name is Ezekiel Samuel Prefect (LOL IKR?).

AFTER HE GOT HERE, it took like, TWO MONTHS for Sveta Sophie, to seduce the pants offa him, and they've been having their terrible secret affair ever since.

I'M GOING OUT FOR A BIT NOW, but I'll be back PRETTY EARLY TONIGHT, so feel free to tag or spam people coming to church/just to see him/whatever!]
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[Video clicks on, and OH MY GOODNESS! It's Prefect! Hi Prefect! And he looks... well, he looks like he just got out of the shower. His hair is tousled, and hanging loosely across his forehead, and his shirt is damp enough that it's plastered down to his chest like a second skin. It'd be kinda sexy if he didn't look so completely and utterly miserable about the whole affair.

He's leaning against a door, and the room he's in seems cramped and a little dark, and once the light from the journal illuminates the area around him, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of a broom handle just about invading the shot. He gives the most frustrated sigh ever.]

Comrades, this flood is not romantic, it's terrible, and it's confusing, and this is the third time it's locked me in a closet! [He lets out an irritated sigh, and gives the door behind him an unhappy shove.]

The Barge is always like this. I don't know how people can be so... so comfortable with it. So settled. I don't know how I got so settled with it.

[Then he pauses, his mind obviously wandering.]

The Borg Queen was always calm, back when she was here. Always. It was just as though, everything was temporary for her. All the things she didn't like here didn't really matter, because she knew that they wouldn't be forever.

[Stares into space dreamily]

I wonder where she is now...

[PREFECT HAS AWFUL TASTE IN THE PEOPLE WHO HE FANCIES. If anyone feels any burning desire to help him out of the closet, deliberately or accidentally, feel free to SPAM!]
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[The video opens, on a close up of a tree. As it zooms out, it becomes obvious that something is carved on there. Yes, the stupid stunts now have a title sequence, as carved onto the wood, are the words: "Tree Quest".

John Prefect is so original.

Then the Camera pans upwards, and there's a distinctive, evil little chuckle. Up there in the tops of the branches, there are two figures. The treetops sway, and suddenly the sound of distant voices, echoing gently down from them. Perhaps, the more astute of listeners will be able to pick out the counting down of numbers, three... two... one... and they're off!

The trees are suddenly thrashing with breaking branches and leaping idiots, and Prefect and Iago are racing through the trees! At first they're neck and neck, then Prefect, in a fit of competitive pique, launches himself forward! At first it seems that the attempt has succeeded, as his fingertips latch onto the edge of a branch on the next tree, but unfortunately, the plan was shortly to be foiled, as the branch shattered, and suddenly Prefect is falling. His body jerks from one branch to the next and the cracking of wood echoes through the forest. The Camera-man is laughing uncontrollably, but Iago has frozen, staring down through the branches as Prefects body slams into the earth at the foot of the tree. After a moment, he shifts, then waves a hand.]

I'm all right! I'm all right!

[And, permission granted at last, a CRY OF VICTORY COMES FROM UP ABOVE, AS Iago celebrates his third success in as many days.]

[ooc: SAME AS BEFORE! Comment, spam, multiples, ALL WELCOME! Prefect, Iago and Loki are all hanging about in the forest.]


Jul. 23rd, 2010 02:31 am
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[Video opens on one of the steep forested hills of the Camp. The shot is unstable and the cameraman lets out the kind of giggle that might suggest some heavy inebriation.

On the hill, there's a flash of bright, synthetic colour and motion, then a moment later the image becomes clear. At a FRIGHTENINGLY FAST PACE, two Kayaks are rushing down the heavily wooded hill. Their riders are both laughing uncontrollably, while simultaneously attempting to fire slingshots at one another.

This looks dangerous, right? WELL, a moment later that theory is to be proven correct, as one of the Kayaks takes a dip. The front of it jams into a crevice under a rock, and the rider is suddenly jolted out of it, and made airborne. As he hits the hard earth of the hill a few feet forward, and begins the unceremonious roll down the remainder of the hill towards the cameraman, it becomes quickly apparent that this is none other than John Prefect. Behind him, the other Kayak's rider lets out a crow of victory, before crashing into a tree. As he falls to the side, his identity is revealed as the one and only, Iago!

As Prefect finally crashes into the legs of the Camera, they're both laughing so hard that neither of them can speak for a minute. Then Prefect rolls over onto his back and points at the camera]

And that, is fuckin' Kayakquest, Solo! Thanks for asking!

[Feel free to comment or spam here! Multiples all welcome!]


Jun. 11th, 2010 05:16 pm
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[A camera clicks on, and the first thing you see is an EXTREME CLOSE UP of Prefects face. It's still blotched with dark purple from the bruises Sylar gave him, but he seems to have forgotten all about them. He grins.]

Comrades! Consumers! Allow me to present the absolute cutting edge of-- of-- [of things he just found rummaging drunkenly through his boxes] Of the avaunt-garde. [The cutting edge of the avaunt-garde! You know this is gonna be good! Prefect fumbles with something off camera, and it becomes apparent that not for the first time, he's video posting in his underwear. Shifting back away from the screen, he produces...this thing!]

Aesthetically pleasing, definitively modern, and... [He fiddles with it a bit, and suddenly it lights up] Oh! And functional! Comrades, can you even imagine having to spend the duration of your lives without this essential design masterpiece to invigorate your lives and elevate the appearance of your homes? [Prefect notices something then, and seems to lose interest in the camera for a moment while he investigates it. Prefect pokes at part of the thing, frowning] Sticky? Why is it... sticky? [Then he remembers that the Camera is still rolling and grins again] I'll tell you why! Because that's the texture of freshness!

[Prefect looks terribly pleased with himself. Then he hiccough's, then he gently lolls to the side, as though his intoxication has somehow encourage him to surrender the battle against gravity.]
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[The camera clicks on to Prefect. His eyes are open very wide, and despite having the dark circles of the sleep deprived under them, he seems fairly alert. He drums his fingers on the desk, seeming a little agitated.]

So! Comrades! There's a flood coming! Or-- maybe there's a flood already here. Maybe. I mean, if I'd just woken up and looked in the mirror and I had an extra four eyes or something then-- then at least we'd know.

[He takes a deep breath, and perks up, then looks directly at the Camera and grins widely.]

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades and Consumers, I am very pleased to announce that I am as of yet unaffected by any of the incoming flood waters!

[His grin remains fixed, but his eyes soften slightly, possibly with a hint of concern creeping into them.]

So... so how about everyone else? Are you all... I mean, even people who, maybe-- who maybe I don't talk to so often, or who don't talk to me so often anymore...

[And now the smile goes entirely, and he's just staring into the camera, his expression openly concerned.]

...Are you all right?
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Comrades, I realise I'm not the first one to make this observation, but since apparently our journals have just opened up to a lot more people, does anybody know... I mean, has anyone spoken to anybody they knew once? Or... any gradua--

[Prefects writing suddenly changes dramatically, or, to be more specific, it stops abruptly, as someone else's handwriting starts across his page. The handwriting in question is somewhat wobbly, as though the person creating it can't see what they're doing, but formatically it's quite elegant, none the less.]

I invoke and move thee, O thou spirits in the present place, and being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I say unto thee, Obey! In the name of Beralanesis, Baldachiensis, Paumachia, and Apologiae Sedes and of the mighty ones who govern spirits! Liachidae and ministers of the house of death and Chief prince of the seat of Apologiae in the Ninth Legion! I do invoke thee, and by invoking thee conjurt thee! And being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I say unto thee, Obey! And Attend upon me!

I am he formed in the shape of the Christian god, forged in the mind of all heathen histories and knowledges mysterious, And being exalted above ye in the power of the assorted most high's, I compel thee to obey! I compel thee to arise before me!

[There's a brief pause, before the following is added]

Why does it never work? Stupid, stupid Crowley and his stupid incantations I only changed it a little, in places, there is no reason at all why it shouldn't work!

[Underneath this, in small letters, Prefect has responded:]

But I'm not a spirit...

[ooc: Sorry for spamming Prefect a bit, It's all a plan to coax out the lolbear :c]

97 - Voice

Mar. 4th, 2010 02:17 am
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Brothers and Sisters, I don't think being a woman has been at all bad.

I feel proportionately more tall, and more attractive than I usually do, and I've enjoyed being able to contemplate a slightly altered bone structure and how best to compliment it with a whole host of high quality cosmetics which have been suffering neglect amongst my assorted stock. I think that if the flood didn't end? I could function quite sufficiently as I am right now, without any real concern.

That being said, I look forward to everything being back to normal here. I don't know if it's everyone arguing about sex all the time, or just not being able to recognize anyone I know anymore, but--

[Her voice has been a complete monotone for most of this, but it hitches slightly here. There's a moment of hesitation, and then she continues, voice unchanged.]

But, I warmly anticipate the restoration of factory settings in the physical manifestation of gender.

[ooc: So, prefect's been a chick before, and he rather enjoys it, and he wasn't overcome with the desire to test drive his vagina (he did an exploritory solo mission last time, thank you very much), so I figure he's just spent the week getting progressively more hormonal and quiet and weepy, and the barge being suddenly unfamiliar and obsessed with sex hasn't helped much.]
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Everything that mattered was--

Oh god, I couldn't ha--

...Is anyone all right?

I didn't mean too-- I mean... being that person...


I'm sorry, Comrades. I promise never to try and do anything like that again.

[P.S. death toll in the infirmary goin' on here, so feel free to spam!]
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[Filtered to all inmates]

Brothers, Sisters, the time is now. We make our stand and take this place, or we die trying. We have numbers, we have supplies, and we have weapons. Anyone who's interested in making a stand, get to the dining room. First we fortify, then we fight.

[Posted about half an hour later, public.]

Attention all wardens:

This is a declaration of war.

The recent inter-dimentional rift you have been so desperately claiming isn't a flood has given us enough allies to stand a chance against you. More importantly, it has given us not just the dream, but the certainty that a better world is still out there somewhere! And with the knowledge that such a world is possible, there comes not just the drive, not just the call, but the duty as breathing inhabitants of this imperfect universe, not to try and reach that distant better world, but to create one of our own.

We will fight for it, and we will die for it, but this time none of us will die alone! And when you cut one man down then pray that this world is not changed enough already for him to rise up again in a hail of bullets!

We have taken the dining room. All food and medical supplies are under our control.

Come, surrender your weapons and items and you will be treated fairly. Everyone who stands against us will be killed without mercy or hesitation.

[ooc: Riot was moved to the dining room when it was pointed out to prefect that the medical supplies had already been ransacked! Feel free to respond and reply here, but I'm putting up a log for the actual riot now, so no spamming!]
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I was wrong.

I don't know if you can call this a flood, I don't know for certain if they can be trusted, but god knows the world they talk about... It's better than this. It has to be better than this. There is a light out there in the darkness, a place where we do more than hide in the shadows, a place where change means--

Where it means what we want it to mean, and not what they make of it.

Brothers, Sisters, they are saying that this is our last best chance for change, that we could take this boat inch by inch. Well, If it's to be our last best chance then let that be because we take more than an inch this time! Let us take it all!

Brothers, Sisters, stand with me, and fight now!

The last time we tried this, we tasted their strength and we found our own weaknesses, so this time we go into it prepared and we don't crack under the pressure! We only need the items assigned to those of us who move first, by the time the rest find out, it'll be too late for their items to warn them.


Private to Sam ) Private to Harvey )

[ooc: Apologies in advance for the tl;dr, but PREFECT IS PLANNING SOME SHINY NEW OVERTHROW OF THE POWER! I'll put up an ooc plotting thread for people to hash out who's actually interested in taking part (because I don't want to force Prefects list of high risk targets into this plot if they're not interested in it, especially since this is thematically close as all fuck to the original riot, so yeah, plotting thread to see how many people want to play etc) but yeah, if people are interested? VIVA LA REVOLUTION!]
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I need someone to copy and distribute a piece of writing.

[Mirror!Prefect basically joined forces with the people who killed real Prefect, they escaped from the Factory, and found (glory of all glories!) an abandoned library! So before getting discovered and exterminated by the Factory, Prefect modeled himself as an old school revolutionary. So he's all about fighting the power and having LOFTY IDEALS.

Unfortunately he is also in Zero right now :C But he's written a FABULOUS MANIFESTO! So basically, while there might not actually be an organized resistance, I assume there's a loose organization of people committed to change, so if you think your character is in LA RESISTANCE? Then you can see this!]
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Dear Father Christmas,

I would like that anyone who requests any gifts for other inhabitants of the barge for christmas, to be given the exact monetary value of their requests.

That is all.



I liked this holiday better when there was a greater emphasis on shopping.


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