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Hello, Comrade.

I just wanted to verify my identity, and current status as being well, and not kidnapped or beaten savagely and locked in a room, or having had any contact with you in the last few days.


Not that I'm gloating or anything, Comrade, just that I thought you should know that if you'd done that to anyone lately, then that person wasn't me.

[cathspam done now!]
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Manchester 1974

This was Sam's home, it was interesting to go there for a little while, but it was also dirty, disorgnized, and everyone who Sam knows appears to have a propensity towards shouting, grabbing, swearing, or all of the above. I was called many things, I am unsure what most of them meant.

Not drinking was literally impossible. Sam shouted a lot.


Vague, Blissful Post-Mortem Location

This is where Harvey is now. The details of what the place itself was like are hazy, but seeing him again the details of being with Harvey, on the other hand, are perfectly clear. He's happier there than I've ever seen him. We talked a lot, and he is doing extremely well. Sends his best wishes to the Barge at large.

Sanitarium Island

Pavi! This is Pavi's home. He was extremely pleased to see me, and not drinking proved impossible here as well. There was an open offer of 'genterns' but I chose not to take advantage of this. Sanitarium Island appears to have more dead bodies than living people inhabiting it. Pavi works a lot more than you would expect, and has managed to remain not evil. Also, very big guest quarters I felt a little uncomfortable takin I spent most of my time in his rooms, since he obviously had more space than he needed anyway, but sometimes I obviously was not supposed to be in his rooms. At these times I excused myself.


And that's where I've been. I'm back now.

Hello Comrades.

[Private to O'Brien, after his conversation with Iago]

Comrade, the Admiral is no longer coming between me and the copious supply of gin in my room, would you like to come have a drink with me?

[Whatever the answer, Prefect's starting without you now.]
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GENUS: Canine

BREED SPECIFIC: Unknown (All?)

cut for paperwork )

[[OOC: You know how the admiral occasionally circulates things that the inmates have no intention of being circulated? The Marquis's stories, etc? Well, here is the MASSIVELY BORING PREFECT EQUIVALENT. He's basically filled out a 12 page form about how he no longer likes dogs of any kind, which descends pretty quickly into incomprehensible bureaucratic paperwork, and yep, it just pops up in your journal. All 12 pages. No, I'm not writing it all out, just assume that it was super boring and had a lot of completely irrelevant or impossibly strange questions in it.]]
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I feel sick.

Brothers and sisters. The Factory would like to apologize for the drastic lapse in service during our last public information announcement, our representative was not authorized to participate in any of the contact which he indulged in, and The Factory would like to encourage anyone who would like to lodge a complaint about their treatment during this unfortunate lapse in our standards to please submit it to your nearest Factory public relations representative so that it can be considered, and an apology letter will be drafted to you.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Mr Dent? If you'd like to bring that material round then I can start work on your suit.

[Private to Claire]

Sister, I've completed your scarf!


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