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[The video function is switched on in a flurry of wings and tiny feet, and the only shot you get to see, is one of a bat. A bat, retreating down a difficult to identify corridor.

In it's tiny feet claws, there is clutched some kind of vitally important document, which wafts in the breeze behind it.

Over the next several hours, the communicator will continue to record, and the bat makes SEVERAL RETURN JOURNEYS FOR MORE DOCUMENTS. It is seen robbing multiple cabins and from time to time, it drops lumps of guano, like tiny gifts for those who crossed it's path.

After a few hours, the bat is beginning to get tired. It wants to nest in someone's hair! And possibly bite them! It would like to spread a little rabies if it can! But until it can find a suitable nest/victim, it shall continue it's crime spree.]

[Prefect!Bat will totally reply to comments (although he's only understandable to other animals) and any spamming would be glorious!]
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[Video clicks on, but Prefect himself is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the camera is fixed on...a bat. It's kind of a cute bat, to be honest, and it's hovvering more or less inoffensively in one place in the middle of Prefect's cabin. From it's dainty bat paws, there hangs a document which is surprisingly clearly labeled as "HOUSE DEEDS". After keeping the camera trained on it for a few minutes, Prefect whispers from behind the communicator:]

I think it's waiting for me to open the door so it can escape with those Deeds.

[Pause. Then added a bit more urgently:]

But I don't know where it got them! I don't own a house! I live in a stock room!

[Prefect does a slight pan around just in case there's any doubt about this, and... yep. His room is still full of boxes. He returns the shot to the hovering Deed thief bat. He actually sounds quite calm about this whole thing so far.]

What should I do? My room is supposed to be bat proofed, how did it get i--

[There's a sudden FLURRY OF WINGS extremely close to the camera, and the shot drops to the flood abruptly, giving a shot of Prefect shrieking and flailing at his head.

It's possible that a bat just landed in his hair. It's almost certainly pooping.]

[Added Later]

Do we have any rabies medication in the infirmary?


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