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[Dotted throughout the forest, you might find some rather unusual statues, for an island unpopulated by humankind. There are small ones, of the native flora and fauna, tiny sculptures of dainty marsupials, or pieces of carefully carved fruit dropped at the feet of certain trees.

More noticable though, are the sculptures of men! Some weathered down to the point of being almost featureless, wile others, preserved by their landscape, clean and crisp as the day they were carved, every detail on their naval uniforms picked out perfectly.

In one particular clearing there's a cluster of them sitting together in a circle, as if they're huddling around a campfire that isn't there. These three are smiling, holding perfectly carved food and ale, and all turned to look in a single direction. If you stand where they're staring, it's almost as if they're welcoming you to join them. Another is frozen mid step, his arms spread wide and expression wide and happy, as if greeting a beloved brother.

Most of the statues are like these ones, their uniforms are perfect. They are well kempt and healthy looking. They are happy to see you.

There are others where the men look surprised, or shaken. As if caught unawares. They usually look a little more bedraggled. Hungrier, and more huddled.

In a few of the statues, the men look truly frightened. Where their clothes are torn or gone completely, where stone tears are frozen on their stone faces, wrought in anguish. But only a few.

After all, not many of them survived long enough to even know that there was something to fear.

Prefect picks his way through the maze of jungle, stumbling between trees and trudging through ditches, with his eyes shut. He's shirtless, but his ragged trousers are black and stiff. The formal wear of a naval officer. He uses the statues as landmarks to direct himself to certain trees and bushes that bear fruit, then digs blindly through the foliage for something to eat.

He doesn't open his eyes.]


Anyway, Prefect is the Midshipman of a naval vessel that was shipwrecked here over a year ago. The night they landed he was cursed by one of the local monstrosities, so that every living thing he turned his gaze upon turned to stone. (Apart from grass and trees. Deal with it.)

Slowly but surely, he turned his entire crew to stone. Since then he's shedded his shirt and jacket to make blindfolds, but the island's inhabitants always steal them, and he's had a couple of goes at poking his eyes out (they grow back). Eventually he resigned himself to staggering around the island with his eyes closed, being terrorized by the natives and grieving for his lost Comrades. Feel free to assume cr, either from TORMENTING ISLAND CREATURES, or WHAT HO DIDN'T WE SERVE ON THE MAGNANIMOUS TOGETHER, from naval types.]

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[Merlin actually has some degree of sympathy for Prefect. As much as he enjoys seeing mortals stumbling their way through the island, uncertain and uncomfortable in their own restrictive skins, he doesn't wish genuine pain or suffering on any of them - even doing things here and there to protect them from the island's more hostile natives.

But he is not always between these shores. With all his speed, he was not aware of the midshipman's curse until he was already burdened, and some magics are beyond even him.

He finds Prefect rooting through a bush that yields sweet berries and floats silently beside him, putting a hand on his back.]

Allow me, my friend.

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[Merlin takes Prefect's wrist gently and guides it to his forearm. He recognises the gesture by now.]

Look at me. There is no living flesh here for your poor cursed eyes to turn to stone.

[Likewise, it's something he's pointed out many times before.]
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You can. But you dare not, and you are a sweeter man for it, my friend.

[He reaches out with his free hand, and a few berries creep onto his palm, seemingly of their own volition.]

Here, give me your hand. You can eat, at least.

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Would that I could do you the kindness of your freedom.

[He carefully fills Prefect's open palm with the small wine-dark berries.]

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Of course.

[He doesn't eat, has no need for it, but he'll take berries from Prefect's hand and spirit them back there without his noticing for the sake of being sociable.]

There's a clearing to your right, we can sit.

[Easier to keep contact with the man if their knees are touching.]

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[Merlin moves after him, making a deliberate effort to keep his feet to the ground so Prefect can hear him move close by. Off the beaten track, he gently lowers himself, guiding his friend to sit at his side.]

There. We won't be bothered here.

[It's a promise, not an estimation.]

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[She's been watching him for a long time, now. He's far from the first human on their island, but he's one of the few who's lasted this long. She has seen his desperation and grief.

She has not interfered, not directly. She has, perhaps, left the occasional carcass in his path; guided fellow predators away from his bed; shaken fruit from lofty branches.

She is more inclined to take, than give - it is her nature - but this one she has come to think of as hers, though he does not know her.

Until today.]

They are coming.

[She's perched on the shoulders of the tallest statue, her voice a light croon against the rustling leaves.]

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I am. [Her lips curve.] A friend.

[Her brother would shriek, to hear such a thing. He finds her sentiment a passing foolishness.]

I have come to warn you.

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[Dick has been ranging across the island, searching out food and survivors, avoiding being eaten or otherwise murdered. He hears a russel too large and staggering for an animal.]

Who's there? Are you a native of these shores? I mean you no harm. But if you are of the Rage or the Redeemer, I am here to help. I am called Dick, and I am a Friar of the followers of St. Francis of Assisi.

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[Dick reaches out for his hand, to pull him out into the clear, and draws the sign of the cross over the midshipman's face with his thumb.]

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name...

[When he has finished:]

Are you blind, brother?

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[Dick takes the sailor's face in his hands, and guides him into an embrace.]

Hush. The Lord is with you, and so is his servant Dick. Two ships have just run aground, and one is of your Navy, and once you've been fed and tended I will lead you to them.

Tell me what's befallen you.

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[Dick sighs deeply and holds him a little closer, because solving this one isn't going to be easy, is it.]

Let me blindfold you so that you do not fear harming me, and then we can go to my shelter on the beach. I have fresh fish and some of the forest fruits, though I'm not sure which are edible.

We can talk once you've rested, to see what can be done. But I would not like to leave you here, for humans are unwelcome here.

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[The friar's heart breaks to hear it, and he covers the sailor's eyes with his large hand.]

It may be stolen in the night but if it can provide you a measure of peace for a while I would not count it a loss.

Brother, tell me, the stone men in the forest-? Is that your curse?

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That is a terrible burden, brother. I am sorry.

I can take your confession, once you have been bathed and fed. Unbear your soul to God, for he knows it was not in your heart to harm any man

Will you come with me out of these woods?

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Keep your eyes tight shut and I will try to lead us out without stumbling.

[Fortunately he's both strong and graceful, and proves more than able to take Prefect's weight on one harm in case of mishap.]

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[Toto has been swimming closer and closer to the beach, gnashing his tiny sharp teeth together in frustration. How is he supposed to drown anyone when they won't come any closer? Some days all he wants are legs. Today he'd take legs. Or a rope.]

[But this one, this one won't open his eyes! It's the strangest thing, and it makes Toto trill with satisfaction. Good. He can be lured with or without rope.]

[He whistles, loud and shrill.]

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[Toto doesn't answer with words, just whistles again, louder, trying to draw him closer to the shore.]

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I'm a friend, of course!

[And he whistles once more, for good measure and because three is a good number.]

Why don't you come closer? We can talk better that way.
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