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Dear Santa...

...Every year I feel like I have fewer people to ask for things for, but I'm not sure if that's true. I think it's just what it's like having people come and go. I don't know, Comrade. I made a list anyway...

If he doesn't already have one, please give Ladd a punching bag for in his room, in case there's some chance that he can work off some of his energy on it. Please give Lua a string of pearls.

Give Spider a washing machine, and forty clean pairs of black pants in his size.

Please give the Marquis De Sade a bottle of wine.

For Leslie Knope... please give her a new filing cab-- please give her a bouquet of flowers.

I don't know if Agent Kay and Narvin already have everything they need, but please give them an expensive blender, and a nice toaster, just in case.

The Marquis De Carabas... if it's possible, could he have copies of all the conversations that he had here, before he vanished? I feel like he'd like having the details...

Please give Arthas a nice, warm, fur lined cloak. With Christmas decorations on it.

I'd like to send... a tin of biscuits, to Jesse Pinkman, and a thank you note, on behalf of the people he's been trying to help.

For me... I know that people often ask for others to be given bottles of wine and champagne for Christmas, if it's possible, could Barron and I have something non-alcoholic?

Which brings me to the last thing I want to ask you for, Comrade, and you can write off everything else if you have too, just give me this:

Don't give up on Barron.

Whatever invisible, intangible, all powerful force there is out there, deciding who stays and who goes and who deserves a second chance and who doesn't? Please, please, please don't give up on him. He's been getting better, he's grown, Comrade, and I know that he can be good, if you just give him a change to get there.

Don't give up on him.

Please let him wake up.

That's all.

Yours Sincerely,


[Prefect didn't get off board this port, he's just chilling with Barron in the infirmary. ALSO, I am still kind of on a secret hiatus, writing private posts, producing content while not actually being able to get on top of threading rn.]
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